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This time Uri Jungmin says that “Less is More” through his stagey.

Despite his ‘so empty’ stage (since there’s none of prop behind him while singing) Jungmin wears a well suited light blue tuxedo jacket on him ^^ The black scarf & tank under the jacket completed his overall concept ! I think he’s looking very handsome on stage ^^ (more…)


Uri ‘Mal’ was back on Music Core too! He performed his solo along with partner Jiseon ex Loveholic Vocalist ^^

Jungmin is using white custome concept and I am so loving his white boots ^^

While Jiseon is looking so pretty w/ her white mini dress 🙂 And her shoe-less concept *lol* (more…)


As I informed u via Twitter, uri Park Jungmin performed his solo stagey in KBS Music Bank on Friday, July 17,2009.

He went on stage with his featuring artist in the song itself , former Loveholic Vocalist Jiseon 🙂

Enjoy the HD Vids below ! (more…)


Kimpo SS together with KAC

credit : marinastory if taken out

Today, July 13,2009, Top group SS501 is spotted in Kimpo Airport as they attend the event from Korea Airports Corp (KAC) as well as getting the ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ title from the corporation. (more…)


final eps ss

Wuhu, finally the waiting is over. Here are the Final Episode 🙂

Part 1 still contain few scenes from the First Episode scenes..

Goshh.. These 3 : HJL, JM n KJ are hella good in acting ♥

Due to it’s length and huge file size (1.2 GB), the Final Episode is divided into 3 parts (Incl. Behind The Scene) (more…)


Ok, finally the ENG sub for SS501 Interview in Taiwan released 🙂

Huge thanks to shirbogurl21 (more…)


The boys during their Hongkong visit gave time to TVBPV to held an interview @ hotel !

The interview titled “Secret of SS501 Episode 1“.

This is the first eps which aired on July 7,2009 , next week they will aired the 2nd part of the Interview 🙂 (more…)