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I’m from Indonesia. I like Asian Entertainment, yet most of it will be Korean entertainment n few of Japanese & Taiwan Entertainment.

I am a Triple S . A fan base name for Korean group SS501. This blog is created to support SS501, here u can find mostly all news related to Korean group SS501. I will also translate news from Korean sites, but it’s limited to the SS501 related news only.

Very sorry but I do not except translation request due to my limited time. English is not my native language, so please excuse me if I have wrong writings.

Enjoy ur visit then 🙂

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  1. koala41 says:

    Hi there! I came across your blog today and noticed that we have a lot in common, yay!! i’m always happy to find people who shares the same interest with me. ^^

    • Erika Arg says:

      Hi.Imuyachan thank you for sharing all this information with us. My native language isn’t English neither it’s Spanish but yeah..we have something in common and because of that it doesn’t matter what language we speak..we’ll be together for the same reason..I love SS501, especially Hyunjoong..my cute boy..thanks..Ah! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010

      • Imuyachan says:

        Hi Erika ^^ thx 4 coming ^^ yup..the reason why am explaining that my native is not English is simply to ask my reader’s understanding if they find wrong writings as in grammar whatsoever ^^ well u know, i did a quite heavy stage from reading Korean news then translate it to English which both are not my native ^^ thx 4 coming dearie ^^ keep loving SS501 ^^

  2. Imuyachan says:

    hi there…me also think that ur blog is a great blog ^^ i even put it as my blog roll aight ? hope we can be friends 🙂 thx 4 coming 🙂

  3. koala41 says:

    hi! do you have a YM ID so that i can add you on my list and maybe we could catch each other online. ^^

  4. Imuyachan says:

    hi.. my YM is : imuyachan 🙂 add me with message stated that ure koala41 okay 🙂 thx 🙂

  5. chy says:

    pake bahasa aja gapapa kan?
    biar lebih enak hehe..

    btw, makasih udah visit blog ku.. ^^
    blog ini keren bgt!!!
    another ss501’s heaven.. XDD
    blognya aq pajang di blogroll yah.. ^^

    imuya join di TCI ga?

  6. chy says:

    iyah, DSPlove aja…
    thanks so much, hon.. ^^
    belum tau if i’ll go or not to Malay/SG.. and i’m afraid i wont..
    Desember itu bulannya ujian semesteran disini.. TT__TT
    i’ll let you know if i can go.. ^^
    udah janjian ama anak2 Quainte?
    atau K’Jo, admin nya forum SS501 Indo juga kan tinggal di SG…

    btw, kamu tinggal dimana, dear?

  7. Merpati says:

    Hai Imuyachan,

    The colour at ur blog very cool…..keep up

  8. Eunice Kim says:

    Hello Imuyachan,

    We are planning to make a Collaboration with the best and greatest KPOP Bloggers in the industry.

    If you are interested to join the KBlog Circle Project, kindly email us so we can put you up in our conference schedules.

    Thanks and Have a Great Day!


    Eunice Kim
    The Kblog Circle Project

  9. yana says:

    thanks again imuyachan…
    from your blog i get infomation about ss501 make a fanmeeting at malaysia…
    i go there also and have a chance to get a cd album and also signing by kim hyun joong…and dont be jelouse,, i also shake hand wit him… god demm they all very handsome n kawaii
    but so man people.. i hve meet tripleS fanclub from thailand and also singapore..
    They come to Malaysia just to meet them in person…….. so im so lucky that i hve this chance… mybe once in my life…
    but i hope i will meet them again…
    Thanks again imuyachan together we support them k………..

    • Imuyachan says:

      haha…glad that u manage to go to the event dearie 😀 hehe…no, i won’t be jealous…i will only jealous u muchhhh hahhaa…if u hv pictures and want to share it with us, just e-mail it to me at :imuyachan@yahoo.com so i can put it here and of course put the credit in the pic to U as the photo owner 😀 indeed let’s support the boys together.. let’s show that International Triple S are unite for SS501 😀

    • ayongz says:

      Hi Yana,

      Owwwhh, I’m so jealous……… How I wish to meet Hyun Joong in person… How is he? Was he friendly with his fan? I knew that his English is not too fluent, but did he say anything to you? :)…. If you don’t mind, can you tell me what happened on that day?

      Yana, you’re so lucky! Hope I can meet him someday.


  10. chanchan says:

    keep it up!! BIG THANKS to you!!

  11. Donavee says:

    you’re awesome…love your blogs 🙂
    ss501 hwaiting!!

  12. jhona says:

    hi Imuyachan! im new fan of ss501,ur blogs is so cool!thanks for sharing the info! hope we can be friends,!thank u so much!!!!!!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi darling..of course we can b friends 😀 we already now 😀 just follow me in twitter for quicker updates..sometimes i tweet lil’ updates about SS501 via twitter 😀 tx 4 coming dearie…

  13. AA-CHAN says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to do some link sharing with AA-CHAN 🙂


  14. yana says:

    hai imuyachan
    lee min ho came to malaysia bbf leader
    my friends told me…

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi Yana long time not hearing from u ^^ yes i know he came to Msia ^^ I informed my follower via twitter ^^ that was including time , place n stuff.. Lee Minho went to Sungei Wang for fanmeeting whilst opening the Etude House ^^ i will post Lee Minho’s visit in my other blog hallyuism ^^ make sure u check it out ^^

  15. Vleese says:

    imuya chan…

    (pake bahasa ajah.. sama dari indonya.. hahahaha.. tapi…boleh tak yah??)

    Imuya, tau yang HJL ma HJB n YS ma KJ di Super Viking Show gak?
    hix.. want to watch the full version..
    tapi dari epi berapayang ada mereka nya…

  16. Hello My Friend,
    very thanks about your SS501 schedule,
    we will help you forward to our website let more TripleS know about your blog
    we are admin from SS501 International Fansclub.
    our fansclub very thanks about your schedule.

  17. snowwhite99 says:

    hi imuyachan…. nice blog… love it.. i’m also an ss501 fan haha… especially HJB haha…
    hey.. i’m an indonesian too… what if i add you through YM?? will you accept it?? let’s be friend! by the way.. are you imuyachan who collaborates with sookyeong??

  18. Vleese says:

    imuya chan…
    mau tanya…yah kalo dirimu tau aja sih…

    flashback dikit .. ^^; soalnya g ketinggalan detil berita tentang yang ini.

    emag bener yah yang pas berita leader n young saeng di hong kong ma cewe itu,
    young saeng ke ketangkep kamera lagi ngerokok? dan ngebuang rokok nya dijalan sebelum naik taksi?
    ato itu lagi2 juga cuma rumor?

    sedikit shick baca itu di youtube.

  19. shafa says:

    hi imuyachan…
    what a nice blog u’ve got… i just wanna ask ur permission to copy some of the details ss501 in my blog..
    i’m from malaysia and i’m going to change the sub. to malay.. i hope u ok with that

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi Shafa ^^ thx 4 the compliment. i am okay with that..if the one u translated into Malay is a translation please put credit to my blog and the source such as : Credit to : newsen [Korean News]+MarinaStory [English Translation] ~ like that ^^ and do Hyperlink-ed my blog when u put such credit ^^ thanks ^^ and keep loving the boys ^^

  20. bbyjun_lover says:

    hi,imuyachan!nice blog…i get many information in your blog..thanx alot

  21. A says:

    hi I like the new look of your blog! happy new year 🙂

  22. fax0nista* says:

    hey guys… jst wnna ask to someone who’s really updated bout the boys before flowers series..
    is it for real, that there will be a season 2 of the bbf seriees?? or its just a rumor??

    please reply as soon as possible.. tnx in advance 🙂

  23. Abby says:

    hi Imuyachan ^^
    thanks for your hard working!!
    i came to ur blog for supporting leader
    i am really worry for him and also sad T.T
    i hope nothing bad happen to him >”<
    this is my first visiting to ur blog and i love it ^^
    have a nice day girl ^^

  24. leenie says:

    hi there…i came across to your blog today..
    it seem we have same interested..
    may i have your ym if you have so,b’coz i want to add you as my friends..
    hope,we can be friend..

  25. uull says:

    hay,,, nice to see you,,,
    ure so kind to give information about SS501,,,
    i wait,,,

  26. Hyun-Sung Kiss Me says:

    Hello imuyachan~^^
    I’m really likes ur blog, bcuz it’s updates everyday~ >_<.
    Would u visit my blog too~? ^^

  27. falling_slowly says:

    imuchayan – just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your blog. im also an SS501 fan from the Philippines. i learned a lot from your post for the BKK Persona Concert and hope to experience something great next month.

  28. Kokoro says:

    Hey,nice to meet you!!!!!I have one question for you….What is SS501 officil site????:()

  29. rayne says:


  30. natalie says:

    hi imuyachan..^^ slm kenal yach..
    aku pke bhsa indo aj yach?

    thx bgt atas blog ny yg informatif bgt ini..aku br tau blog km stlh bc ttg “Steven Lee clear up the rumor about plagiarism’, dr blog WingWing..thx sdh melakukan itu smua utk SS n TS sdri..^^

    oh iy, kamu domisili dmana?

    • Imuyachan says:

      halo natalie ^^ aku tinggal di daerah jakarta selatan ^^ loe dimana ? oh tau dr blog nya wingwing yah? thx 4 coming ^^

      • natalie says:

        ah..aku di jakpus..^^
        iy, tau ny dr situ..tp wlo telat, msh lbh baek drpd tidak..right? kekekekeke
        slm kenal yach..n fighting!!!

  31. El says:

    hey…Iam indonesian also and like SS501 so much…

    btw I have read your email to the producer of SS501..I think it would be better if u also ask him to bring SS501 to Indonesia to make a concert or at least fanmeeting…



    • Imuyachan says:

      hello dearie…glad to know that there’s a lot of Indonesian who likes SS501. about asking Mr.Lee to bring the boys to Indonesia, I don’t think he’s the right person to be addressed about this. since he’s only their producer and he’s not part of DSP Media. yet, i will try to ask dsp about the boys’ new schedule but i can’t promise u anything since dsp people are so busy plus I only have 1 contact right now..but i will try… ^^ thx for loving SS501 ^

  32. shuu pyon says:

    dear Imuyachan, nice 2 know U.
    I’m Triple S from Indonesia, too ^_____^
    Salam kenal v^___^v
    heheheheheeeee seneng deh ada TS Indonesia yg bwt blog ttg oppadeul SS501.
    luv ur blog~~~~~~ kyknya I bakal sering” mampir ke sini
    heheheheheeeee hwaiting!
    support our boys till d bitter end. Hwaiting, dear~~~~~~~~~~

    Greenpeas forever……….

  33. azifa says:

    waaww very nice
    even I love SS501
    hhhhh I’m from TS Uzbek and Arab
    so good bay see you next the time

  34. balqis says:

    annyeong mbak imuychan,,,
    balqis TS dri medan ney,,,,,,,
    qis mw tnya mbak,, mbak dah join k homepage na SS501 yh???
    cra na gmn yh mbk?? hehehehehe
    coz tulisan hangug,, qis kurang ngerti……….
    btw,, blog na kren mbk!!!! qis suka,,qis suka,,
    sblum na,, sory yh mbk qis bwel bgt,,,
    k dpan na qis mhon bmbingn n info na,, heheheh
    mksh yh mbk….

  35. leen hyunjoong says:

    hey…imuyachan..annyonghaseyo…we r same like asian and S501, salam kenal ya??gw leen..

  36. starfish1708 says:

    hi there!!!!!thank you soo much for your efforts..

  37. Chan says:

    Hi I want to know what are they doing now. I worry about their group to be split because of leader sign with Keyeast. When I searched their latest new on google I only found leader’s drama new. Why r another four boys so silent? I request you to inform me if you know about them. Thank you! 🙂

  38. Ashely says:

    Hi~~ I love ss501 so much!!!!!
    I’m also Triple S^^
    I live in South Korea~But I’ve never seen SS501ㅜㅜ
    I’m so thank you about Ss501’s information!
    I’m so happy because SS501 has many countries’ fan

    I want to have a friendly relation with you:D
    nice to meet you!!!

    may be mistakes are in my reply…

  39. maythu says:

    hello i love kim hung joon

  40. loridee says:

    I love your SS501 blog. A lot of bloggers for SS501 are abandoning their blogs because their support in the boys has waned because of them doing solo projects right now. I have no idea whether SS501 will survive this “solo period” or not, but I do hope you will continue with yoiur blog because it’s really the only place I can get my daily news on the boys. Thanks so much for all of the hard work you do. I hope and pray that SS501 will remain together and continue being successful as a group and that each of their solo projects are successful.

  41. a says:

    Imuyachan I have a question… how do I change my picture that appears whenever I comment on your blog?

  42. a says:

    Imuyachan I added you on a blog roll I hope u don’t mind?

  43. Clover says:

    Hi, Imuyachan…nice 2 meet u here! Thanks so much 4 keep updating the blog. Actualy i hav juz discovered this blog which i can obtain all latest news of ss501, they r my idol too especially “kyu jong”, like him the most n ofcoz his newest mv “Yesterday” was great! Hope u wil keep update their news n i realy appreciate all tat =)

    Thanks so much for ur hard work… ^.^

    • Imuyachan says:

      hello dearie ^^ i am one of the oldest SS501 fan blogger, but, lately due to my work, my update isn’t as fast as others but i will try my best >.< tx for coming ^^

  44. Clover says:

    Hi, imuyachan…i watched most of SS501’s videos juz now…aww miss them vr much T-T Bt now they r busying wif their own solo’s part…wish they could be back wif 5 members 2gether vr soon…they would be back in a short time rite ^^

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie… i do hope in 2012 they will do some project together, then again, releasing an album while 5 of them r now in different company surely needs lots of things to settle, let’s hope it will be confirm soon ^^ keep supporting 5 of them ^^

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