That cute boy has turned into a man~ SS501 HJL is Triple S’ Walking Art Statue Leader!

Posted: January 1, 2010 in English, photo spread
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I found this cute pic of HJL when he was younger and all~

As time goes by , this cute boy has turned into a 23 years old young man!

He’s not an ordinary young man~

he’s Kim Hyunjoong who known as the Walking Art Statue for his good looks!

I kinda miss his long hair ❤

And, for his Yoon JiHoo role, he even did 2 hair cut :

After BoF, leader went wavy for Drama MV and KimJoon’s MV~

Then he cut his hair and went clean cut for ‘Rebirth’ promotion !

You know we love you rite?

This post goes out to our ONE and ONLY HJL !

Keep it cool leader! We’ll always support u in anything!

Triple S ❤ Hyunjoong Leader !

  1. bb ♥ says:

    hi hi, me taking this chance to say happy new year, and also a big fat THANK YOU for your diligent work all this while. much thanks!

  2. SSZA says:

    happy new year!!!thanx for the ss501 info for us triple s.hahahaha..anyway,did u see those muscles in the last pic.whhhhooo @.@ here we can actually see his hair revolution!n i kinda miss him when he first debuted…i wonder if we can see him like he used to be in he looks soo serious..but in a gud way 🙂

  3. pengfoo says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all the photos & vids, adding enjoyment to all your posts. Great work ! We share something – our interest in Kim Hyun Joong. He brings so many people together and make us all happy. That’s surely something! Ain’t that great? Thank you Hyun Joong.Happy New Year to you too!

  4. Kimz says:

    So cute!! ^^ thanks for the pics!! hehe..^^
    his current look is so mature.. =p
    ok..keep watching him grows up!

  5. Praew says:

    wowww~ 🙂
    i like all :O
    hahaha heheehhee ^^
    the second photo makes him look kinda japanese! hawwt ^^
    i like the wavy one,,,its cool + cute at the same time ^3^

  6. De Asis Precious says:

    i know that even if i write this post, hyun joong oppa still wont be able to read this but im gonna write it anyway so here it goes kim hyun joong i want you to know that im one of your true,loyal, forever fan and i want to thankyou for inspiring me and thank you for being a part of my world which i know you dont know hahaha, still i wish to meet you and possibly have a date with you which i know is impossible but a girl can dream right? anyways i’ll be up front, even if im filipino i’ll try hard to study korean oppa bec i read once in a mag ur not really that good in english so I’ll study korean for you and pls wait for me cuz possibly in the future i will go to korea find you and meet you!!! so saranghae oppa ~<3 and FIGHTING (; so jung han here :***************

  7. kim says:

    You are just amazing…Hyun Joong oppa…you are the only one in my heart forever….

  8. Ashley says:

    I love Kim Hyun Joong but what does the L stad for in HJL?

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