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OMG! This is funny ^^ Can u see how Kyu’s enjoying this performance?

This is taken from one of the TV show which required them to do funny things on the show ^^

[The video is from here]


Ok, I ordered  SS501U R Man cd last month.

And the CD arrived from Korea few weeks ago ^^ I wasn’t able to upload the photos ’till today *mianhae*

The packaging of the CD is really good. I mean, not a simple mini album appearance.

The CD comes with 3 posters 🙂 ^^ (more…)

SS501 won 2 awards : Bonsang for U R Man & Hallyusang Award.. Chukahabnida !!!! (more…)

SS501 appeared in SBS Chocolate Kim Jung eun show on Feb 11,2009.

They wore a complete suit. They do the talk with Jungeun onni and performed ‘Because I’m stupid’ & ‘U R Man’.

Enjoy ! (more…)


Eps 3 : this one is also really good. I like how Joonpyo expressed his feelings thru various ways towards Jandi ^^ In Korean version, Joonpyo realized that Jandi likes Jihoo, yet he’s more mature than the previous 2 versions, since he stays calm and even helping Jandi out from an awkward situation when she saw the kissing scene betwee Jihoo n his noona. I must say that Minho is really a great actor ^^ I aso like how Jihoo expressed his feeling towards his noona- Hyunjoong leader is really doing a great acting learning- since he isn’t trapped with the previous characters of Rui / Lei (Japan/Taiwan version) instead he gave us viewers another taste of Rui character ^^ This episode contains the kissing scene between Jihoo and his noona – so prep urself (man, the kissing will envy  u all ^^) (more…)

Okay, our boys won again this week, in Mnet M!Countdown they beat their hoobae  KARA (2 weeks in a row already) after previously won in last week M!Countdown + SBS Ikigayo Popular Song Award ^^

Uri SS501 boys chukahaeyo!!! We’re so proud of you !!!

SS501 + Triple S = FIGHTING !!

~Mnet MCountdown~

SS501-U R Man Remix stage

(credits : KOREAPOP10 @ youtube)

ss501- winning the award + encore

(Credits : hl821 @ youtube)

Live @ MBC Gayo : U R Man

Omo… I’m so happy to see the 5 of them together… leader n Jungminee welcome back ^^v

Full Credits : gehnesis @ youtube

Notes : I hate the stupi* cameramen who didn’t focus on these 2 .. man..