Triple S Corner


Speaking about Fandom, sometimes as fans we do many funny (crazy) things for our idol.

We collect CDs in various version though we know the content is the same, we smile when we see our idol do witty or funny things, or we suddenly turned into a Pro- shutterbug the soonest we see our idol in front of our eyes or other crazy things that we would do for our beloved idol.

Related to this subject, I create one new page here in my blog, and it will be called Triple S Corner ! All of us can share our personal stories related to the boys.  I know many of u is still new to SS501 so I bet u girls have different fandom history that brought u to like these 5 handsome boys.

I want to make this blog more interactive by simply inviting all of u who wants to share ur experience related to SS501. It can be your SS501 hunting story when the boys visit ur country, or maybe your SS501 Goods hunting story that made u –oh so desperate- or anything that u want to share with us here.

Simply e-mail me with the subject : Triple S Corner – My Story to so I can give u further details about this ^^

Here are some of the already posted stories ^^

Jan 9, 2010   : [sneak peek] tony moly shop in bangkok feat. ss501 leader hyunjoong!

Nov 3, 2009 : Triple S Singapore Soin turned into Pro-photographer for SS501 Goodies click here

Sep 7, 2009  : Triple S Malaysia Yana photo report in SS501 Malaysia Fanmeeting click here

  1. lovely girl says:


  2. Reem7 says:

    How can I sign in and receive updates and news from the site ^_^
    plz help me if you can
    I’m SS501 BIG fan
    if you can help me I’ll be gratefull
    this is my email

  3. korukara kkj says:

    is it true that ss501’s contract gonna end this june??
    are they gonna split up..???

  4. jhona says:

    hellow! Im one of the big fans of ss501 from the Philippines, I just want to ask if true would ever go the ss501 in the Philippines. for a concert in june19?

  5. jhona says:

    Do you have idea how many days they stay to the philippines? pls…thanks!

  6. Shirley says:

    Anyone know about one blog named Absolutely501 days ?? this blog is also ss501 fans blog . but , today i found out the blog is missing .. anyone know about that ?? if know , pls reply me ..

  7. Nor Diana says:

    always support u…

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