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HJB showcased his new coming mini album “ESCAPE”. The MV is full of gorgeous man aside from HJB himself, as kang JiHwan and Lee KiWoo take part in the MV.

As for the “Escape” mini album track list, pls refer to below list :

01  Intro

02  Sorry I’m Sorry (Title)

03  Just Let It Go

04  나쁜 남자라서

05  잘못 걸었어

Check out below videos from the showcase!


Seriously, me liking the teaser & the song ❤

The 1st showcase as the mini album kick off was held on June 29, 2012

The photo was taken for Kyu solo comeback via McD 29.09.2011

This picture is just so beautiful to see ^^ I wish to see 5 of them altogether >.<

This is from Mnet Wide activity

SS501 magnae Kim Hyungjoon celebrates his 25th birthday with fans and threw a mini concert event.

The event took place at Yonsei University at Seoul. The event held on Aug 3, 2011 starting 6.30 pm local time.

The concert named “I Oh ConcertI= 2, Oh=5 , so it’s like saying that it’s his 25th bday concert ^^ Get it?



Oh!Ah! part 2

more under the cut!


I heard about this Jakarta Fantastic Kpop Festival 2011 concert long time ago, but, didn’t pay much attention since the artist line up is not my main bias.

But, on June 11, 2011, the promoter confirmed that Kim HyungJoon will also participating at the event held onJune 18, 2011. I am still trying to get press pass, but, if not, I probably will go and buy the tic by myself.

I am not promising anything, since, I just buy another Kpop tix concert held at overseas, so I am basically broke here >.<

But, I do hope I can do event coverage since I missed JungMin’s visit few weeks ago.

If u want to buy the tix, here’s the tix box list :