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Seriously, me liking the teaser & the song ❤

The 1st showcase as the mini album kick off was held on June 29, 2012


How come a person can be looked super duper handsome and cool during his sleep ❤

Leader official Youtube channel upload this video of him during the practice, event, etc.

We can see how he has been working hard for himself and us the fans ^^

Happy Bday leader-nim!  우리 리더 사랑해용 ❤



The prince is back with great concept ^^

The song is good with good choreo and of course Saeng-ee’s live skills are nothing to be questioned ^^

[One thing that I dislike is he’s getting skinnier than before >.< Pls eat more Saeng-ee ya -__-]

FanCam 1

Kyu is having fun w/ HongKi ^^

FanCam 2

FanCam 3

With HongKi dancing to the suspender dance ^^

Leader is a good dancer and don’t all TS know about that ^^

The choreo is awesome, I hope he practice hard so he can do this while singing ^^

Or simply skip few moves as long as he sings well ^^ I want leader to sing full for this song ^^

Visit DAUM to listen to Kyu’s songs, and found MV making video footage!

The MV shooting began in the early morning and was continued until overnight. Kyu still looked comfort and didn’t look tired at all, he also spent time to play games with his mobile phone in shooting break.  Then Heo YoungSaeng visit during shooting also gives him more spirit, Youngsaeng came to support and gave advices as a senior of soloist.

Click here to see the video making + Kyu’s message since b2ment has not upload it in their Youtube

Here’s another footage of the MV Making!


I demand Kim KyuJong to do a music comeback as  soon as possible!!!! *__*

See how nice he is to Japanese fans here