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SoIn, wrapped up her report by sharing her experience during the concert!

Read so you can feel as if you’re also there at the concert ^^

Let’s say..ever since I was teenager, even before I interested in K-Pop/dramas.
I was into so many artistes or actors and actresses, Thais, westerners or easterners.
I have seen some of them, I went to fansigning, I attended the events, I paid for the tickets of Music festivals. But to tell you the truth, SS501’s PERSONA was my very first full concert in my life…

6 months of them performing this PERSONA concert, were also 6 months that I and my friends were preparing ourselves…trying to be as ready as possible. But we were still lacking in some ways…there always are something you wish you could do better/more ^^.  Since we kind of lost grip when the 5 guys were finally right there in front of our eyes…I really wish I could take better photos to share with all of you who are reading this, however, I hope you enjoy my photos posted here^^


My Indonesian contributor hannykhj is doing some report for all of u. SS501 Bangkok Concert is featured in one local asian celebrities tabloid here in Indonesia. The tabloid names is Asianplus.

hannykhj does the English summary and want to share it to all of you.


One of this blog visitor named Kimz wants to share her thoughts about the boys’ concert in BKK!

Read away!

Well, there are 6 of us. 3 went there together since around 3pm! so early? – just wanna Q up for standing ticket..:p
There were some activities from different webboards like SS501thailand, kimhyonjoongthailand, triplesthailand, …
about 6-7 i guess.. all are nice and friendly they provided a big board for us, triple S, to write a msg for Valentine’s day to SS501, B.Day card for our sweet KyuJong, some free stickers, big standy & poster for fans to take photos with,…
and everywhere are greennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!  ^^

KyuJong – our sweet KyuJong is really good looking ^^ i almost couldn’t take my eyes from him when they started with DejaVu LOL* and he was smexy during his solo ^^ – like what u mentioned before KyuJong is so sweet but he turns up to be so smexy on stage!


One of this blog loyal visitor named Praew kindly share her photos from SS501 Press Conference in Bangkok.

See the pics and don’t forget to drop her a thank you when u view this post ^^

More photos under the cut!


SoIn,”The pink and green light stick project in BKK PERSONA, during Wan.Du.Kong [Green Peas] … some zones would show the pink light surround the guys..I didn’t see it so clear from where I was…but it was nice from the higher view like this I got goosebump …”

Imuyachan : I am so happy to see this ^^ TripleS jjang!

SS501’s Fabulous Concert in Thailand
15 Feb 2010

Kom Chad Luek : Finished with the concert SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok, with 5 guys Kim Hyungjoon, Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Youngsaeng, Park Jungmin and Kim Kyujong.  Before that..we had chance to do an interview with them so we would like to present these guys’ non-secret story to all the fans.

@  What do you guys think about Thailand that made you come here for this concert?
HJL : Because we like Thai fans, we feel that Thai people are kind, when we talk to them we feel the warmth and there always are good things, so we come for a concert here.
JM : I myself came here personally many times because I like Thailand very much, so I want to have a concert here.


Due to the huge numbers of the image, I decide to make it as a video slideshow ^^

SoIn also shares her FanCams! Enjoy!