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This is like super duper funny! Joon I love you!!!

The song is originally by new group Infinite!

I think magnae always sings others’ song n change the lyrics on Sat’s schedule ^^

HJB did another funny MuHigh content cover for Park MyungSoo’s FYAH a.k.a Fire

Check the original song here

SS501 Kim Hyungjoon – Imitating Double S 501 @ Diff. Country @ Music High [10.05.21]

LOL ^^ HJb is so funny 😀

SS501 Kim Hyungjoon – Singing (4Men) “I Can’t” @ Music High [10.05.22]

OMG! This is so nice yet funny at the same time 😀

Uri magnae ❤

Part 1

SS501 Kim Hyungjoon & Seo Gyeong Jong (Shark of MBC Game-HJB’s friend from MBC Game) in Music High [10.02.10]

I am so happy that these 2 are so close outside MBC Game shooting ^^

There are 6 parts! More under the cut!






Webcasted on Oct 1st,2009!

~_~ I can see how tired magnae Hyungjoon is~

His schedule is like blahhh :

music high radio, superstar dramashooting,

Find it!Green gold! shooting, 2nd alb prep & Asia Concert!

No wonder he looks skinnier >.<

Please eat more food and vitamins Hyungjoon-aa !

magnae is eating

Please Eat more !!

magnae is eating2

coz we definitely don’t want to see u go skinny and lose that great bod of urs >.<

magnae in black


He was also fell asleep during the SBS Find it!Green Gold shooting >.<

Plz don’t get sick ! (more…)

HJL radioCredits : NATE + marinastory for english translation if taken out

SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong is finally appear in SS501 radio show Music High on SBS Power FM (107.7MHz).

Leader Hyunjoong was actually scheduled to appear since last month, yet, his CF activities and overseas performances forbid him to do so. The waiting is finally over, since this morning on 2.00 am (May 23rd.2009), Leader Hyunjoong together with mangnae Hyungjoon performed in the group’s radio show.

So, this morning was a DOUBLE HJ Show in Music High ^^Will post the videos the soonest it’s uploaded ^^