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So, leader Hyunjoong is spotted yesterday March 26,2010 when he attends MVIO Fashion Show of “2010 F / W Seoul Fashion Week”!

The event took place at Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC). HJL is seen with blue Tee, white vest, beige jacket and jeans completed with brown shoes looking super handsome with his already longer hair!

OMG! He is super handsome and I am so liking his longer hair ^^ haha 😀 Please excuse my fangirling moment ^^

Leader is also spotted sitting next to fellow BoF cast – actor Kimbum along the fashion show.

The Fashion Week will be held up until April 2,2010 at SETEC.

Source : bntnews; Eng Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory; Photos : as tagged!


More photos from the event under the cut!





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Credit : nate + marinastory if taken out

As the K-drama Boys over Flowers aired and gained its recognition in Japan, the popularity of Korean F4 is also rising in the Sakura country.

The Korean F4 popularity is also the reason for the lauching of ‘Story Of Four Flowers (SOFF)’ Photo Album in Japan. (more…)









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FINALLY !!! Today is the day ^^ Today, our SS501 held their 1st day of Seoul Concert !!

The concert news related is still in the midst of searching and translating ^^

So, I will always update this the soonest I finished the translation or (and) when I found new articles or photos ^^

Marinastory notes :

  • The boys’ black custome @ the Press Conference made ’em looked even more Handsome ❤
  • Jungmin spotted w/ new hair cut
  • Kyu is also doin’ some curl into his hair
  • The ‘Prince Concept Custome’ @ Concert Stagey is also great with gold touch in the top part ❤
  • Fellow cast from BoF were seen at the Concert and of course drawn people’s attention ^^ Gu Hyesun, Kimbum & Lee Minho were spotted @ the 1st day concert, yet, no Kimjoon this time.

I think the latest news from asiae already covered the whole concert story rite ^^ So, no more translation for 1st day concert !

This post contains high res images – so be patient while it’s loading ^^

Images are randomly taken from Korean Sites – Credit as tagged !

Enjoy !!! (more…)


+I am so *lol* when I see Hyunjoong washed his face w/ such a funny expression 🙂

Vid via hoonfami

asta tv

I order the ASTA TV Magz the soonest I know that SS501 was featured in its May 2009 edition.

I bought the Magz with the price of 11.800 won (excl.shipping fee) – just in case u want to buy it ^^

The magazine was actually sold in 2 cover option : SS501 / Lee Minho >_< It was hard, yet, I chose SS501 cover instead! The magazine was reporting SS501 Le Coq Sportif photoshoot, Lee Minho for its Levi Strauss Ad, Cass Beer 2X CF & Dunkin Donut’s Event report, Boys over Flowers Goodbye Yoon Jihoo‘ event , BoF farewell party, LG Lollipop w/ Big Bang & 2NE1 interview ended by MVIO 09 FM Fashion Show with HJ Leader. We cud see also Goo Hyesun in its Cosmetic Ad + BoF Poster ^^ Wuhu.. now u know the reason I bought it rite ? (more…)


Credits : NATE + marinastory for english translation if taken out

What is it actually the factor to celebrity’s popularity ?

The recent celebrity popularity survey has come up with a surprising result! It stated that the No.1 ranking position is still belongs to Jang Donggun & Kim Tae-hee. It is shocking, since the 2 are currently not active in CF, drama or even movies in South Korea.

A Marketing Research Firm recently held a survey regarding celebrity popularity, ranging from Actor & Actress, Singer until comedian. The survey held from March 1-31, 2009, to 1334 participants (man & woman) with age range from 13-65 years old in 5 cities. (more…)

credits : nate + imuyachan @ wordpress for english translation

SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong, Son Dambi, Kimbum & Kimjoon have been the ‘new employee’ for Anycall.

The 4 of them have been presenting their design for the mobile phone case.

Kim Hyunjoong‘s concept is taken from UFO (as expected ‘4D’ ^^). It uses a glow in the dark material. Hyunjoong,” I got the idea from UFO, since I really want to see and ride an UFO one day (another 4D ^^), so I use it as the basic idea, that’s explains where the circles design came from”. (more…)