[Scan] SS501 is featured in Indonesian Local Tabloid “Asianplus”

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Scan
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My Indonesian contributor hannykhj is doing some report for all of u. SS501 Bangkok Concert is featured in one local asian celebrities tabloid here in Indonesia. The tabloid names is Asianplus.

hannykhj does the English summary and want to share it to all of you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hannykhj,”Today is Kyu’s special day…it feels so happy even though I can’t greet him directly..Saengil chukae!!!..hope he’ll get the best in his life, especially on his career. Can’t imagine what the boys have done to celebrate his bday..drinking soju?? Since uri leader really like it..hehehe ;p.”

Well, this afternoon I’ve read in a tabloid about our SS501. They wrote about SS501 persona concert in Thailand (it’s really helpful because of Triple S in Indonesia ). It tells us the entire summary about them arriving, the concert, and fan meeting. Time goes so fast, it’s been almost 2 weeks after the concert. In the 14 Feb, they were doing the rehearsal for encore Persona in Seoul . The tabloid also wrote about the boys’ greeting when Chinese New Year and Valentine Day which had been aired in TV Videoland Taiwan – this station showed KHJ’s WGM on 14 Feb for 1 hour with guest star SS501. When the media asked Kyu about his wishes in this tiger year and he said, “as long as the encore concert (in Seoul , 27&28 Feb) will progress smoothly and successfully, I’ll be very happy.” YS also said, “this is the year of KHJ and mine, hope we can give you the best.”

hannykhj,”Hope you guys always be healty, happy, n totally success…!!!!!”

Source : Asianplus; Eng Trans:hannykhj @ MarinaStory

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