[Fan Share] SS501 Bangkok Persona Concert : The Concert!

Posted: February 27, 2010 in FanStory
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SoIn, wrapped up her report by sharing her experience during the concert!

Read so you can feel as if you’re also there at the concert ^^

Let’s say..ever since I was teenager, even before I interested in K-Pop/dramas.
I was into so many artistes or actors and actresses, Thais, westerners or easterners.
I have seen some of them, I went to fansigning, I attended the events, I paid for the tickets of Music festivals. But to tell you the truth, SS501’s PERSONA was my very first full concert in my life…

6 months of them performing this PERSONA concert, were also 6 months that I and my friends were preparing ourselves…trying to be as ready as possible. But we were still lacking in some ways…there always are something you wish you could do better/more ^^.  Since we kind of lost grip when the 5 guys were finally right there in front of our eyes…I really wish I could take better photos to share with all of you who are reading this, however, I hope you enjoy my photos posted here^^

We were there at the concert venue around 2 in the afternoon…there are fanboothes and banners, standees. Some vendors were selling anything for concerts. I wandered around the venue for a while, taking photos, signed on memory boards, wrote my birthday wishes for our Kyujong.

After we let ourselves enjoy the first excitement of fandom. We headed to the entrance gate to queued up. There was not that much fans when we started queueing but quite a while later, lots of fans were all around… at 6 PM…time for the gate to open, and finally we get inside the arena…
the stage was covered with huge black cloth with the persona mask logo projected on, OMO…finally we were here… and time was tickling on and on…and then our King’s anthem was played, this always means the start of any show you would see in Thailand…the anthem ended, we then bowed…

Some of you might be familiar with the concert’s intro (from fancams via youtube). That was the beginning of it all…the excitement fillin’ up our hearts…as the music went on we were really fully loaded with excitement. And then the guys appeared up on stage…the fans were all screaming best out of their lungs as to let them know we were there welcoming them. And we kept on screaming when they performed Déjà vu , Unlock and Warning…actually the whole concert (except some part that I think I lost my voice LOL)

I’d like to skip the concert part, as you might have seen it from fancam or read from other fans’ full report…I might not be able to deliver it well…it is really difficult for me ^^
what I want to share is…I feel that they really did put effort to the concert, I actually went blank while watching, and I think I have gone weird…that I seemed not to feel anything while my friends said they were gonna faint…I thought I went numb…

Each member had their own charm. The spot where I stood was near the center part of the center walkway, which there was a marking ^^ … I didn’t know this before when we chose to stand there. So I got to see their expression quite near…and since everyone stopped there…Kyu, Saeng-ee, Jungmin-ee and Baby all stopped nearby EXCEPT Leader T__T

If you watch the clip I took…You’ll see Kyujong and Hyungjoon bent down near,
Kyujong even held down his hand and touched some of the fans’ hands near where I was, it was super fast but I would always remember he smiled when he looked at his fans down there…we were supposed to sing him a Happy Birthday during the press conference…but because of the limited time allowed…we could not. But Kyujong-ah…did you hear us singing Happy Birthday in the arena when you guys went backstage ? ? This Birthday boy was so cute when he took a teddy bear from fan and held it on his lap during ‘Wan.Du.Kong.’ …

Hyungjoon also was also smilin’ toward our side during Wan.Du.Kong (too bad the stage where they sat couldn’t turn around)…his sitting spot was looking toward the main stage so he would mostly see his fans on his left and right, I just hope he also saw the pink light project since he turned around often, hope he knew how much we, all as one, love them…  He was still a bullying point for his hyungs…when they did the traditional bow, he did bow twice and he was bullied by Jungmin and Kyu ^^  he always brings us laughter…I hope we also bring you laughter, Hyungjoon-ah…

Sweet Jungmin was waving his hand and even pointed to us, we really felt like he looked into our eyes one by one…we were like…melt~, could there be anyone any sweeter than Jungmin singing and looking at fans like that ??? and especially when he sang ‘Rak-Ther’…for me as a Thai, on behalf of Thai fans, appreciated this so much since I would understand if he didn’t sing Thai song since the language is far more different from Chinese or Japanese (but this is not a problem for Jungmin ^^ I think he has a very good language ability to catch and repeat after…he learns fast !!) I appreciate this as he did put effort to make us smile, and to take care of us, no matter where he goes he always does…

our Youngsaeng looked a bit chubbier (I remember he mentioned about gaining weight in his Diary ^^) But he looked totally hot in his comfortable outfit when he came up with ‘Find’ which I was surprised to hear that (I missed this Hong Kong Fancam so I didn’t know he was going to sing Find) Youngsaeng just finished his last high note right there…(super cool…we were screaming to the top of our lungs—it made me (literally)sick until now…but I can accept this sore throat happily~) during encore he threw his water gun down to the fans and suddenly was alarmed by his own action, might be afraid that it would hurt his fans so he did something like..are you okay? Are you hurt, I’m sorry .. to the TripleS-es on my right….awww Youngsaeng-i~

Someone told me to keep sticking to my place…because once I move, someone else would come to take my place and I would lose it forever…so I kept standing there, even I know Leader was at the far right stage…I couldn’t move away because his dongsaengs kept coming ^^… Leader only passed by but he didn’t stop. But as I mentioned that I went blank…yeah I did…till the encore part when I realized that it could be my last chance…I left my friends saying I need to go, I need to see him (as I also promised Imuyachan I would take a look at him again on stage) I ran to where he was playing, even though I wasn’t in the front row, even he didn’t look at me…just to see him happily pouring water and smiled a lot…that just made my first concert fulfilled~

There’s nothing more precious than to see our beloved guys being happy and cheerful…no matter I see it or I don’t. I wish them all the best with all my heart, I know you all also think like me…
I watched this concert and always think of all of you who couldn’t come, wanna teleport my signal so you can also see…keke .. I know if we keep believing, we would get to meet them and meet them again. I pray our path crossed again…

SS501 has brought us TripleS so much love and joy…for all the thing they have done and they are doing, I am so proud to be their fan…I hope I, as one of their green peas, could give love and support back to them so they can also proud to have me as one of the TripleS…

24/7 from Monday to Sunday night…Together with us, you will be happy~

Guys…do you know how meaningful it is, to be your fan ???
Thank you for being SS501…

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