[Video] SS501 Kim HyunJoong upload “behind Story…” video on his birthday 06.06.2012

Posted: June 7, 2012 in bday, video
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How come a person can be looked super duper handsome and cool during his sleep ❤

Leader official Youtube channel upload this video of him during the practice, event, etc.

We can see how he has been working hard for himself and us the fans ^^

Happy Bday leader-nim!  우리 리더 사랑해용 ❤

  1. pengfoo says:

    Love these insights into the life of a really lovable icon. He has very strong support from his team whether within his entertainment industry or his business forays. The way he is working or playing is really telling and speaks volumns about his character. We can see that he is friends with his team of dancers and ‘fried- chicken’ business partners. They seem to be so comforter with him, enjoying while at work which makes for great partnerships and happy working environment.
    The moments where he seems pensive and introspective is when he is listening perhaps to his own singing – probably so as to make improvements !
    Just love his life attitude , surely a lovely friend to have and a great leader.

  2. pengfoo says:

    I meant ‘comfortable’ with him. Lol.

  3. pengfoo says:

    Don’t know why I typed comforter. Maybe thinking of sleep and dream of Hyun Joong …aye !

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