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How come a person can be looked super duper handsome and cool during his sleep ❤

Leader official Youtube channel upload this video of him during the practice, event, etc.

We can see how he has been working hard for himself and us the fans ^^

Happy Bday leader-nim!  우리 리더 사랑해용 ❤



Today is leader nim birthday and he is 26yrs old and 27yrs old in korean calendar.

I hope you will be an even bigger star than before and may God bless you my leader.

I have been rooting you since 2009 and hope to support u more in the future.

생츜 리더님!

SS501 magnae Kim Hyungjoon celebrates his 25th birthday with fans and threw a mini concert event.

The event took place at Yonsei University at Seoul. The event held on Aug 3, 2011 starting 6.30 pm local time.

The concert named “I Oh ConcertI= 2, Oh=5 , so it’s like saying that it’s his 25th bday concert ^^ Get it?


Part 1

Kyu still mention SS501 b4 his introduction ^^

More under the cut! 도 동영상 있어요 ^^


리더 최고 미소 이 다 ^^

Today, 06.06.2011 Leader HyunJoong celebrates his 25th bday (26th in Korean calendar). He was born on June 6, 1986.

I have so much to say yet I don’t know where to start. If u asked how much I favored him, I can simplify the oh-so-many reasons into one “He’s the reason for this blog existence. 끝 ^^”

Happy birthday Leader-nim! Thank you for the hard work and thank you for being the same leader as u used to be.

Keep being you and hope you will always be happy and blessed by God!

현중아! 오늘에 네생일이죠? 생일축하해요 !! 행복해주세요~

트리플에스 하고 헤네치아 영원히 여기 있어요! 우린 널 사랑합니다!! 그러니까 걱정하지마세요 ^^

리더님, 항상 미소 주세요 ❤

More (c)kyu(te)ness under the cut!


Joon celebrates his bday w/ TS on 01Aug2010. KyuJungmin and Saeng-ee were also there !

And of course his little brother KiBum was also at the bday bash!

Joon also wrote a letter (self-penned) to his fans and read it by himself on that day!

HJB ,”And I really wanted to say thank you very much to everyone.
Also SS501 the five of us, we always give support for one another, love one another,

looking after one another, we gotta become the best ya.
We’re always together, let us, we -all of us- run to the end together.
Thank you, Triple S.”

Read for the full letter trans, photos and fancams of the bday bash!