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How come a person can be looked super duper handsome and cool during his sleep ❤

Leader official Youtube channel upload this video of him during the practice, event, etc.

We can see how he has been working hard for himself and us the fans ^^

Happy Bday leader-nim!  우리 리더 사랑해용 ❤


Today is leader nim birthday and he is 26yrs old and 27yrs old in korean calendar.

I hope you will be an even bigger star than before and may God bless you my leader.

I have been rooting you since 2009 and hope to support u more in the future.

생츜 리더님!

SS501 magnae Kim Hyungjoon celebrates his 25th birthday with fans and threw a mini concert event.

The event took place at Yonsei University at Seoul. The event held on Aug 3, 2011 starting 6.30 pm local time.

The concert named “I Oh ConcertI= 2, Oh=5 , so it’s like saying that it’s his 25th bday concert ^^ Get it?


Part 1

Kyu still mention SS501 b4 his introduction ^^

More under the cut! 도 동영상 있어요 ^^