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Episode 6

Part 1/7 : The best part is the Fireworks which JP prep for JD.. omo, heart fireworks.. we can also see how JD felt so happy for that.. ( i love when the 2 exchange their glances each other secretly) (more…)


Episode 5

Part 1/7 : I love how the Korean version give out their version in this scene. I like how Junpyo (JP) stated his feelings to Jandi JD). (more…)


My review :

1st episode : is quite satisfying and to see Hyunjoong leader in this drama give this drama additional credits , especially from all Triple S (SS501 Fans) (more…)

Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation


SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong with his drama noona Han Chaeyoung starts filming their part in the most anticipating drama Korean Boys Over Flowers. (more…)