SS501 : Update Hyunjoong in Korean Boys over Flowers !

Posted: November 15, 2008 in drama, English, Korean Entertainment
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation


SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong with his drama noona Han Chaeyoung starts filming their part in the most anticipating drama Korean Boys Over Flowers.

KBS 2TV new Drama Korean Boys over Flowers is still going with its filming. And they just finished filming the drama montage at the
Incheon International Airport. All cast from Kim Bum, Gu Hyeseon, Lee minho, Kim hyunjoong, and Han chaeyoung has participated in the shooting.

To have top actress like Han Chaeyoung as his opposite partner, has made Hyunjoong leader felt difficult in doing his part, especially when they did the shoot for welcoming the arrival of Han Chaeyoung who is acted as Hyunjoong noona crush!


While actress Gu hyesun already drowned into her character who will be surrounded by the 4 gorgeous men.

The drama is plan to air on the end of December while in the middle of this month (around next week); it is scheduled to filming overseas (it is said to be a 10 days in USA) switched to Macau.

I’m so anticipating the drama!!! Hyunjoong leader fighting!!! Aja aja !!

  1. kanchana says:

    oh i love that drama so much….

  2. PiZza says:

    ya!i really luv boys over flo…luv ya’ll ss501

  3. tupce says:

    off kim hyun joong çok tatlısın ı love you

  4. BumliL0v3 says:

    I from Vietnam, I like BOF and F4 because us handsome and l0vely ^^. Sunbae Kim Bum no.1

  5. azra iram says:

    Junpayo is sooooo HOT, and others!!!!

  6. Nonilyn says:

    it’s is soon to be aired in ABS-CBN Channel in Philippines! and i’m very excited…
    i really love meteor garden and i hope that this one would turn out to be wahat i expect it to be cause i love watching Korean Dramas, i love this story except the Japanese remake Hana Yori Dango…

    • Imuyachan says:

      i bet u will enjoy the drama.. i think every version has their own strenght n weaknesses, yet, i can tell, that the Korean version is the one w/ the least weaknesses in it 😉 well, it’s my opinion :p thx 4 coming 😉

    • Louise says:

      I’ll bet you’ll gonna love the drama, even there is the same plot with the japanese version.. and taiwan version but still you’ll find all the characters and the twisted story very good, you’ll fall for them… just watch and love the drama…you’ll see…

      anyway its just my critic side…

  7. lhadii jhen says:

    i luv u BOF very much ..

  8. hong says:

    i want to say
    i really love
    boys over flower
    they’re very handsome and beautiful
    and i love korea stars very much
    and i hope lee min hoo
    come to visit cambodia

  9. bhing says:

    cute kaau ka gu hyesun

  10. jandi says:

    i bet u will enjoy the drama.. i think every version has their own strenght n weaknesses, yet, i can tell, that the Korean version is the one w/ the least weaknesses in it 😉 well, it’s my opinion :p

    • nikki says:

      i really enjoy watching the boys over flower.. i love them too much, hopefully one day they will visit here in Philippines.I’m there number 1 cute fans! go!go!.. i love you more Koreans!

  11. Saya says:

    I just wished they aired this drama on arirang. ❤ Kim Hyunjoong!

  12. nikki says:

    i wish i could meet boys over flower in personal.. i really admire them too much. actually every time i watch them oh my gush! I’m so speechless watching them tightly…hopefully i see you personally shockz!

  13. jhoan says:

    ¤¤i lOve KIM HYUN JOONG¤¤ Saranghamnida Hyun jOong!! i aLso lOve thiS sonG and BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!

  14. bea says:

    i love bof very much

  15. mapuii ralte says:

    we are from india…heads up to boys over flowers team!!we love the show!!

  16. jamila says:

    we loveeeee F4 it’s wonderfullllllllllllllllllllll

  17. anisa andriani says:

    i love bbf

  18. Zafie says:

    I love very much BOF and all af the actres i also love, esspesially lee min hoo…i hope you can come to Malaysia……

  19. susan says:

    i love “KIM HYUN JONG” SO MUCH ,is very beautiful & interesting 😡

  20. tin says:

    hi! i love this t.v series so much, no matter ive watch it several times i end up cryng again and again, i love the cast spec. f4 and geum jan di. ope u can do another t.v series like this, with the cast lee min ho and gu hye seon. best t.v couple… gud luck guys, ope u can visit phil. soon……… we alwys here to support u……… aja… t.c 🙂

  21. ava says:

    hi. i am ava frome iran. I LOVE U hyunjong

  22. hanchaefan says:

    aneong haseyo……. i really love boys over flowers…. i waaw congaratuilate for the success…. go…go…go..

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