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I am so loving this Fanmeeting !

Wish I can be one of their passenger >.<

Enjoy the great ENG sub vids below ! (more…)

romantic sky

Full Credit : K Bites

Male idol group SS501 had their fanmeeting in the airplane for the Korean and Japanese fans. The fanmeeting was name ‘Love and Support to SS501′.

The SS501 members have also stood in as plane attendants to make sure that their fans get a safe and comfortable flight. They served the fans beverages on the flight, and also taught a small lesson on flight safety – making it an unforgettable flight for the fans. (more…)


SS501 sub group performed songs from U R Man mini album ^^

According to its original source ratoka27 it was from April 15,2009. Yet, sum1 said it was from Jan 25th,2009. Im still looking the right info, yet, it won’t prevent us to see their great stages despite the right date of the performances rite ^^ Enjoy ! (more…)

Uri SS501 boys doing a special MC for M!Countdown Feb 5,2009.

If u pay attention, they use the same wardrobe for their next day stage  in KBS Music Bank 🙂

But it’s ok, since it’s the wardrobe that i love.. uri SS501 jjang !

kkotboda-namja-ss501They finally perform the song ^^

Yay, I love the performance, though i think they should take off the curtain faster ^^ (more…)

Okay, our boys won again this week, in Mnet M!Countdown they beat their hoobae  KARA (2 weeks in a row already) after previously won in last week M!Countdown + SBS Ikigayo Popular Song Award ^^

Uri SS501 boys chukahaeyo!!! We’re so proud of you !!!

SS501 + Triple S = FIGHTING !!

~Mnet MCountdown~

SS501-U R Man Remix stage

(credits : KOREAPOP10 @ youtube)

ss501- winning the award + encore

(Credits : hl821 @ youtube)

Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translations



Though they have been like a family after year’s togetherness, they still have awkward moments among them. (more…)