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Ok, here u go guys ^^

Full Credits to : javabeans @ dramabeans

Recap Love Marriage eps 16 (more…)

Finally, the drama reach it’s end. As ussual, I will put the recap separately. Enjoy the ‘majimak’ episode ^^v

Video Full credits to : donkunlove3 @ youtube (more…)

Here is the recap :p

Full credits to : javabeans @ dramabeans

Tonight is the last episode of the drama (eps 16), don’t forget to watch it also ^^v (more…)

It’s unsubbed, yet recap for this eps will be posted separately :p

Tonight will be the drama last episode (eps 16).. cannot wait indeed !!

Video full credits to : donkunlove3 @ youtube (more…)

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Watch Love Marriage eps 14 here (more…)

U know what, i totally forgot that I have 2 kinds of early week homework, first is We Got Married Ssangchu couple (upped) n Love Marriage drama :p So, now, i share you the Love Marriage Eps14 first (aired Oct 13). No eng sub, yet I will post the recap separately otherwise this post will be a longggggg one :p Enjoy ^^ Eps 15, hope to be upped this evening.

Video full credits to : donkunlove3 @ youtube

For this episode Recap click here (more…)

The best part of this first scene is watching the unflappable lawyer scuttling around his hotel room, thinking to leave a memo for Kang-hyun to read when she wakes from her drunken sleep, trying to leave the note in the most visible place so she won’t be alarmed or confused at finding herself in his hotel bed. It’s kind of one of those jokes that gets funnier the longer it goes on, with Hyun-soo shuffling around, moving furniture, thwarted every time he thinks he’s got it just right. (more…)