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Ok, here u go guys ^^

Full Credits to : javabeans @ dramabeans

Recap Love Marriage eps 16 (more…)

Finally, the drama reach it’s end. As ussual, I will put the recap separately. Enjoy the ‘majimak’ episode ^^v

Video Full credits to : donkunlove3 @ youtube (more…)

Here is the recap :p

Full credits to : javabeans @ dramabeans

Tonight is the last episode of the drama (eps 16), don’t forget to watch it also ^^v (more…)

It’s unsubbed, yet recap for this eps will be posted separately :p

Tonight will be the drama last episode (eps 16).. cannot wait indeed !!

Video full credits to : donkunlove3 @ youtube (more…)

Recap full credits to : javabeans @

Watch Love Marriage eps 14 here (more…)

U know what, i totally forgot that I have 2 kinds of early week homework, first is We Got Married Ssangchu couple (upped) n Love Marriage drama :p So, now, i share you the Love Marriage Eps14 first (aired Oct 13). No eng sub, yet I will post the recap separately otherwise this post will be a longggggg one :p Enjoy ^^ Eps 15, hope to be upped this evening.

Video full credits to : donkunlove3 @ youtube

For this episode Recap click here (more…)

Actress Kim Minhee’s fashion style; baggy pants & boots are invading all fashionista. (more…)