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Finally the videos out !

Yet, no subs, will replace the videos the soonest the sub version released,

so don’t ask me when the subs are out coz am not the one who subs it,

Ok, so I decide to sub this 😀

I guess i just love HJL too much *lol*

I’m single fighter here, so don’t be pushy,

will try to finished the whole eps within this week

b4 the part 2 eps aired on Sunday Sept 27..

I’m using Youtube features so bare with it okay 😀

I don’t hv time to go searching those subtitling software or whatsoever 😀

Click the video title if u find the subs are too small

or simply watch it in a wide screen 😀

It’s an HQ so no worries 😀

And make sure u turn on the annotations button to displayed the subs 😀

It’s in 8 parts 😀

Enjoy ! (more…)




I am so loving this Fanmeeting !

Wish I can be one of their passenger >.<

Enjoy the great ENG sub vids below ! (more…)


The boys during their Hongkong visit gave time to TVBPV to held an interview @ hotel !

The interview titled “Secret of SS501 Episode 1“.

This is the first eps which aired on July 7,2009 , next week they will aired the 2nd part of the Interview 🙂 (more…)



As Requested by many of U !

Here U go the Complete Episode of Haptic Mission!

It is out with ENG Sub ! (more…)