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SS501 wins K-Chart for 2 consecutive weeks!!!!

This time the boys are using white+graffiti concept!

Super Handsome!

Yet, I dislike Youngsaeng-ee mic T_T


Enjoy the video! (more…)


The boys win!!!!!!


The boys is currently in Shanghai for concert,

but they gave their winning speech via phone and done by Jungmin-ee!

Congrats once again!!

new ss 2gether

See, I told u it’s only a matter of time ^^


This is the most GRAND comeback stagey from SS501

I love their opening stagey (dance n all)

I love their wardrobe and  I think their voice is the best in this stagey ^^

Thx to KBS Music Bank who even provides us a teaser video

starting from the boys’ arrival, rehearsal, etc. ^^

Omo, I even loved their off stage clothes

The boys are superb handsome today ❤


SS501 arrival and rehearsal video (more…)

+Uri Jungmin performed his 1st ever Solo Stage for If U Cannot song,

@ KBS Music Bank July 17,2009 !

He also gives his best pose for KBS Music Bank Photo Album 🙂

Enjoy his warm smile off stagey ^^

JM off stagey Mubank

Credit KBS Twitter !


As I informed u via Twitter, uri Park Jungmin performed his solo stagey in KBS Music Bank on Friday, July 17,2009.

He went on stage with his featuring artist in the song itself , former Loveholic Vocalist Jiseon 🙂

Enjoy the HD Vids below ! (more…)

I really think their comeback is really great 🙂

Great Comeback teaser (read : BOF drama Ost song)

Great songs (read : mini album)

Great appearances (read : new hair cut, wardrobe n improved stage skills)

DSP Media do learn a lot ^^ n Now…. A’ST1 do deserved our attention ! (more…)

Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out


DSP boy group and SS501 hoobae A’st1 is also one of the group who gained its popularity from Boys Over Flowers drama during their hiatus . The group is also featured in the BOF ost album 🙂 Their single ‘ Aswiun Maeum ingeol ‘ is getting people’s attention, especially when the single was used as the drama closing theme in the several last episodes 🙂 (more…)