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SS501 wins K-Chart for 2 consecutive weeks!!!!

This time the boys are using white+graffiti concept!

Super Handsome!

Yet, I dislike Youngsaeng-ee mic T_T


Enjoy the video! (more…)


The boys win!!!!!!


The boys is currently in Shanghai for concert,

but they gave their winning speech via phone and done by Jungmin-ee!

Congrats once again!!

new ss 2gether

See, I told u it’s only a matter of time ^^


This is the most GRAND comeback stagey from SS501

I love their opening stagey (dance n all)

I love their wardrobe and  I think their voice is the best in this stagey ^^

Thx to KBS Music Bank who even provides us a teaser video

starting from the boys’ arrival, rehearsal, etc. ^^

Omo, I even loved their off stage clothes

The boys are superb handsome today ❤


SS501 arrival and rehearsal video (more…)

+Uri Jungmin performed his 1st ever Solo Stage for If U Cannot song,

@ KBS Music Bank July 17,2009 !

He also gives his best pose for KBS Music Bank Photo Album 🙂

Enjoy his warm smile off stagey ^^

JM off stagey Mubank

Credit KBS Twitter !