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A celebrity updates tv show at MTN aired a top 5 celebrity photos. And, Kyujong-JiYoung photo is #2.

Their photo is secretly taken when the 2 were eating ice cream.

The article alongwith the video is posted on Nate July 23,2010.

Watch the video here , simply click the play button ^^

Read this tweet from @_karaholic about leader Hyunjoong who will be this week’s MBC Music Core special MC together with hoobae KARA’s Seungyeon and Hara.

So, I go to imbc site which @_karaholic tweeted n I translated the mc part for all of u ^^

Thanks @_karaholic for the tip !

While I was posting SS501 Music Core comeback, I see my twitter timeline and read tweet supports from SS501 hoobae (junior) KARA’s leader GyuRi and youngest JiYoung.

As I see from the tweet, GyuRi Retweet JiYoung’s tweet about SS501.

Read the translation so you know what these pretty girls say about our SS501 ^^


SS501 boys are supporting their junior KARA.

It is revealed during an interview recap done by KARAHOLIC staff as mentioned below in related to KARA’s recent handshake event in Japan. So, happy to read about this in KARAHOLIC so I decide to re-post it (of course) with full credit ^^ Love DSP Love and (or) DSP Line ^^

Read for details and do not edit/remove credit when reposting!

Interviewed 2 females and below are the recap information:
What do you like about them?
Cuteness, they’re really cute, small face, a bit confused with their Japanese though, Haha…
Oh, really?
But their aegyo really give friendly feeling.
What do you think of Gyuri?
-She’s really pretty.
-She’s so beautiful. True Goddess feel.
How do you know about KARA?
We know them through SS501 since they’re from the same agency. After searching from there, we found out KARA.
Ah, so through searching then you get to know about KARA?
Yes, but SS501 also often talked about KARA. Yeah, since they kept talking about KARA, so we’re kind of curious about KARA, so we went to search about KARA.


SK Telecom Open Market 11st ( sells an exclusive and limited edition of “Star USB Memory Card” from Top Stars SS501 and Kara.

‘Star USB Memory Card’ is a 4G USB memory card that looks like those common photos that we put inside our wallet. The good thing about this product is the customers can choose their favorites members’ photos memory card.