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Today is leader nim birthday and he is 26yrs old and 27yrs old in korean calendar.

I hope you will be an even bigger star than before and may God bless you my leader.

I have been rooting you since 2009 and hope to support u more in the future.

생츜 리더님!

Joon celebrates his bday w/ TS on 01Aug2010. KyuJungmin and Saeng-ee were also there !

And of course his little brother KiBum was also at the bday bash!

Joon also wrote a letter (self-penned) to his fans and read it by himself on that day!

HJB ,”And I really wanted to say thank you very much to everyone.
Also SS501 the five of us, we always give support for one another, love one another,

looking after one another, we gotta become the best ya.
We’re always together, let us, we -all of us- run to the end together.
Thank you, Triple S.”

Read for the full letter trans, photos and fancams of the bday bash!


Happy belated bday to my sweet youngest SS501 member Kim Hyungjoon.

I hope you will always be blessed by God! I love you!

I know it’s like super late, but things at the office are getting even more hectic than b4, I am so afraid if I can’t bear with all this office n blog thingy >.< I hope I can do it tho TT_TT

And magnae also shared a pre-recorded bday video of him filmed by his brother KiBum.

And also the member of MBC Here also wished his g’luck on his birthday!

Happy Birthday magnae-yaaa! Happy Bday Jun!!! Saranghae!!

SS501 Kim Hyunjoong‘s Fan Club “Jihoo Hyunjoong Arhi” has been collecting money to celebrate Kim Hyunjoong’s birthday on June 6  and managed to collect 6.060.000 won and donate it to the Beautiful Foundation.