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I wish I came U_U

Photo is from here

As I previously informed, KARA was guesting at SS501 1st day of Persona Encore Concert in which KARA leader park Gyuri was  doing a duet with our Jungmin.

The girls were also singing their hits like Mister and Lupin at the concert.

Whilst 2nd dongsaeng Rainbow was the guest star for 2nd day of Persona Encore concert. The girls also sing with *again* our Jungmin and the song is titled “KISS” taken from Rainbow’s 1st album in which the lyrics was wrote by our Jungmin.

I personally like KISS so much , it’s a light and sweet song which I think suits the girls’ voice. I am so proud of our Jungmin, coz he managed to wrote such a sweet lyrics for his junior ^^

I think most of you already watched this video, yet, I still want to share this.

It is very touching to see this. Hyunjoong is really loving and thanking his fans.

Here’s the translation of what he says and the reason why cries – heads up to – 913kh @ YT :

Hyun Joong said: We cannot say this period is long or short, in these five years, you have been the same in this position to support us, ah. . . ah .. .(Hyun Joong went wet eyes, and then, cried,)

Kyu Jong said: You are scolded! (Pointing to the fans) If you cry, we are also angry.

Hyun Joong went on to say: Thank you everyone! . . Ah. . I will always remember this moment, use all my efforts to spend everyday ! (Suction of the nose, and then crying heavily …)

Hyun Joong went on to say after crying: will appear in a better look in front of you, this is SS501 I am touched, I have been already 25 years old but fans are still stand by me. I hope fans will still be support me until I am getting old or even cant walk I am so touched by stubbornly persists fans who stand by me forever