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Thx to mangosorbet for the trans ^^

Found these pics at HJL Korean fansite.

As I tweeted, HJL was actually still in pain during Dream Concert 2010, yet, he took pain killer so he could perform U_U See his pain expression along the photo spread >.<

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SS501 @ Dream Concert from ENT News [10.05.24]

SS501 @ 2010 Dream Concert – Entertainment News [10.05.27]

As I posted earlier, my fellow blogger Alex a.k.a aa-chan tweeted some live reports during the 2010 Dream Concert and that includes our SS501 boys’ stage.

Afterwards, aa-chan also posted his full report regarding the concert, and this is what he says about our boys :


SS501 – Let me be the one!! (HJL Focus)

The Fancams are out! OMG..I am tearing while watching this ~

“Let me be the one” is such a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat song ^^

But, is it me, or leader does look a little bit in pain while singing >.<

get well soon leader!!

Anyway, I can’t wait ’till full album is out!!

God I ❤ them so much !!!! SS501 jjang! Saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More fancams under the cut!


As I posted several posts for this event, you might missed it when it’s no longer at the homepage.

So, here’s the summary!

[photo] korean ts put banner to support ss501 in 2010 dream concert!

korean triple s turn on the green light for ss501 in 2010 dream concert!