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+HJL concert

First time hearing the song, I always thought that the starting key was too low for Hyunjoong. Yet, I realize, if they put on a higher note as a start,  it will be hard for Hyunjoong singing the chorus 🙂 So, I understand that.

This is taken from U R Man Special DVD. (more…)

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DSP boy group and SS501 hoobae A’st1 is also one of the group who gained its popularity from Boys Over Flowers drama during their hiatus . The group is also featured in the BOF ost album 🙂 Their single ‘ Aswiun Maeum ingeol ‘ is getting people’s attention, especially when the single was used as the drama closing theme in the several last episodes 🙂 (more…)

credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out


T-max Kimjoon was reported being taken to the hospital after T-max KBS Music bank stage.While his F4 fellow SS501 Kim Hyunjoong was also admitted to the hospital after fainting during his CF photoshooting.

Kimjoon fainted after T-max performed in KBS Music Bank Apr 3,2009. (more…)


Pic credits : allkpop

I listen to YES single n it stuck in my head the soonest ^^

I like their Inki Gayo debut, so i post that live stage compare  to their MuBank debut …

I think they have the skills to grab people’s attention.. (more…)

Omo, Uri SS501 Mangnae Kim Hyungjoon is also a busy guy now..He featured in L.E.O’s song Love Train.

I love his sweet voice in the chorus part ^^

Enjoy their LIVE stage on KBS2 Music Bank Feb 13, 2009 (more…)

SS501 won 2 awards : Bonsang for U R Man & Hallyusang Award.. Chukahabnida !!!! (more…)

Let’s do the cheer :

Double S O Gung il (SS501)

Kkotboda Heo Youngsaeng

Kkotboda Kim Kyujong

Kkotboda Kim Hyungjoon


KBS Music Bank Feb 6, 2009

Comments : Browny Wardrobe. My fave : Kyu’s. Love stage rated 9.9, not 10 simply bcoz uri Youngsangee wasn’t ready to sing his part in the mid of the song.. I love this boys.. their live stage is getting better n better… Uri SS501 jjang!!

MBC Music Core Feb 7,2009

Comments : Great wardrobe, my fave this time is Youngsaengee’s. Mangnae not in his top performance, Kyu is also did lil’ mistakes in the beginning. Overall, it’s another great live stage from them. But,i think uri SS501 boys shud get some rest..

More great live performances from uri SS501 .. so, keep updated through this blog.. !!

Annyong !