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Enjoy the CF! (more…)







Found these videos today !

Huge thx to hoonfami @ YT

Enjoy !




Full Credit : K Bites

Boys Over Flowers cast Lee MinHo and Kim Hyun Joong met again in an upcoming new Anycall CF.

And how will their meeting once again be like?

The captures to the CF were being circulated online. (more…)


Nope they didn’t Kiss *lol* Leader is so handsome ♥

But, I think from Advertising point of view, I don’t get the message if this is supposed to be an Energy Drink CF .

But, the ‘running while scratching the DK Bottle to the wall’ scene was better than what I thought *relieve*

Leader is so handsome when :

“watered by Shinhye-drinking-playing the DK bottle” = 100%

His singing to this CF  is also nice ^^

Overall, the CF is better than I expected ^^ I feel like drinking DK now 😉 (more…)

lmh-cassOne of the CF scene 🙂

leeminhoextremeThe digital single cover !

His digital single for Cass Beer is out. The digital single is titled EXTREME, and used as the CF theme song. Lee Minho sings the song with Jessica Gomez.  The CF which featured her is also released too. (more…)


I found in youtube a video of him singing and do recording for Cass Beer CF.

He sounds good ^^ (more…)


credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

Pepsi Korea has chosen flower boy Lee Minho as their new ambassador.

The new zero calorie Pepsi has tied popular actor Lee Minho into an exclusive 6 months contract. (more…)