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Press Con. b4 the actual fan Meeting!

The actual Fan Meeting held at Sang Myung University Main Hall


MarinaStory contributor So-in went to see HJB on his fanmeeting event in Singapore , held on 29 Aug 2010!

She took few pics during the event and want to share it with all fans!

She also did some video recording yet it’s still under process before it’s ready to be shared here !

So many fans sent off their congratulatory flowers for the event. I spot flower from Quainte501 as xiaochu tweet on her twitter account which in fact also captured by So-in ^^ So happy to see many supports like this and so happy to see that HJB enjoyed the fanmeeting! I ‘ll see u in October Baby!

All photos took by So-in special for MarinaStory and NOT allowed to be reposted except with permission!

More under the cut!


Finally the info about Baby Joon FanMeeting in SG is out.Thanks to dear So-In who gives her full effort in searching the info for all MarinaStory reader!

Read away!

Details for Kim Hyung Jun’s Fan Meet this 29 Aug in Singapore!

by Warner Music Singapore on Monday, August 16, 2010 at 10:06pm

Hi fans of Kim Hyung Jun! Here are the ticketing details for Kim Hyung Jun’s Fan Meet this 29 Aug in Singapore!

Kim Hyung Jun Singapore Showcase

Venue: To Be Confirmed

(This will likely be a seated event at Republic Poly TRCC Theatre. Awaiting Confirmation)

Time: Afternoon





I’m so happy when one of this blog visitor

who is also a Triple S Malaysia named Yana Diana,

agreed to share us her personal photos from SS501 Fanmeeting on Sept 3rd,2009.

Huge thanks to Yana Diana for all photos.


Enjoy !


The event (more…)



ss le coq

Ok, after few days uncertainty, Warner Music Malaysia finally confirmed that the boys will have short visit in Malaysia and held an autographed session.

In order to join the event, all you have to do is purchase the SS501 album on the spot so u can enter the event.

Details below :

Date : Thursday, 3 September 2009

Time : 6 pm
Place : One World Hotel ,Bandar Utama,Petaling Jaya – Jasmine & Orchid Room,Level C (more…)



I Found the videos !

I am posting the best fanvids from what’s currently available in the internet !

Most of it still LQ !

Yet, I manage to get an HQ for the Encore 😀

Enjoy !

De Javu (FULL) (more…)




As scheduled, on Aug 29,2009;  SS501 held their Beijing Fanmeeting 😀

I wanna share the boys’ video from departing ’till arriving at Beijing 😀

For now, I only get the fanvid for Leader’s departing.

As for the Beijing Airport arrival, I get to share 2 videos w/ y’all 😀

2 thumbs up to Beijing fans 😀

Love the green balloons 😀 Love the scream 😀

Love their escort from airport ’till hotel 😀

Yet, the currently available hotel fanvid isn’t clear at all,

and we can’t seem to see the boys, so am not posting it here 😀

I get a clearer Hotel arrival 😀

Enjoy the videos !

SS501 Hyun Joong Departing for Beijing at Incheon Airport

So handsome ❤ (more…)