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HJB showcased his new coming mini album “ESCAPE”. The MV is full of gorgeous man aside from HJB himself, as kang JiHwan and Lee KiWoo take part in the MV.

As for the “Escape” mini album track list, pls refer to below list :

01  Intro

02  Sorry I’m Sorry (Title)

03  Just Let It Go

04  나쁜 남자라서

05  잘못 걸었어

Check out below videos from the showcase!



SS501 centre Kim KyuJong shocked the fans previously when he told us that he’s off to army on July 2012.

Kyu bid his fans goodbye by throwing a fan meeting titled ” Thank U ❤ ThanKYU” today, June 3rd, 2012 at Yonsei Uni auditorium starting 5 pm local time.

Kyu also brought all SS501 member together at the event and made the fans super happy as this is the first time to see all 5 of them together in 1 event after they went to separate company. Through twitter, I read that all member went on stage except Jungmin though he came to the event as well.

KyuJong will register himself in the coming July 2012 and will be off to military for estimated 2 years time.

He bid his fans goodbye previously through a handwritten letter posted via his official website saying that he thanked the fans for the good memories and that he is having a good time with them along the way and that he will be back after 2 years and will show a better side of him.



I regret that I missed his SG FM >.< Hope he will do it again in Korea soon so I can go -__-

❤ him much and more every single day!

Goodluck Youngsaeng-aa ^^

As we all know, Heo Youngsaeng will be participating in a musical project, and more info is revealed.

The musical project will go by the name “SamChongSa” or “The Three Musketeers”.

Saeng-ee will not be the ONLY idol in the musical as SuJu KyuHyun, former FT Island member Oh WonBin and singer Lee JiHoon are also confirm for this musical.

The show will be started for more than 1 month length from 3 Nov until 18 Dec 2011 at Opera House of  Seongnam Art Centre.

More photos below !