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The 2 Final eps !!

Eps 24

Junpyo n his noona found out that their Daddy is still alive ( I love both of their acting = 2 thumbs up). Yoon Jihoo traced Jandi in the fishing village through TV news coverage and tell Junpyo. (more…)


Yup, u didn’t miss read the title. Man, I  just hate when my prediction is right 😦 Haha.. but, in order to have a great ending , I agree that they add 1 more eps to finished the whole conflict 🙂

So, the drama at 1st, announced to be ended in eps 24, yet, they decided to end it in eps 25. (more…)


Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

Korean Boys over Flowers which had finish airing ’till 23 eps in KBS2 Tv, starts worrying its viewers, especially when eps 23 seemed to disappointing many viewers, who thinks that Junpyo-Jandi will be together and will only need to convince the so called Evil Mommy with no separation again. (more…)

boysbeforeflowersHere u go :

Eps 22 : it’s all about the wed lay off (as i already told u), n JP JD’s sweet moments. I love how cool Jaekyoung is in this episode ^^ Love the dance scene, love how JP apologize for hurting JD n love he finally confessed his love to Jandi, last time only thru text message rite (b4 he left for Macau). (more…)