Episode 5

Part 1/7 : I love how the Korean version give out their version in this scene. I like how Junpyo (JP) stated his feelings to Jandi JD).

Part 2/7 : I like how JP showed his feelings when he helped JD with her wounds. I love it..

Part 3/7 : This part is when JP announces that Jandi is his GF n no one can troubled her @ school

Part 4/7 : I like when JP threw a coin to JD , just 2 c her reaction.. haha.. best part is when he knock the fire alarm with heels hahaha…. just to get rid all his so called ‘mall’ customer, so he n JD can shop alone.. way to go Junpyo ^^

Part 5/7 : only showed their vacation trip

Part 6/7 : JP took JD to the beach and to dine with her.. JD touched when JP called JD’s parents n bro at home…I think this part has showed us the viewers how JD is actually slowly fall for JP ^^

Part 7/7 : Teaser of next episode ^^

Overall : i give 9 out of 10 ^^ Jihoo is handsome as always yet JP is looking hotter than before.. haha..

Ps : I changed my review format (part by part) and also give direct links of every parts for u to watch the drama.

Gimme ur comments on whether u like my new format or not..

Korean BOF jjang !!!!

Eps 5 Part 1/7

Eps 5 Part 2/7

Eps 5 Part 3/7

Eps 5 Part 4/7

Eps 5 Part 5/7

Eps 5 Part 6/7

Eps 5 Part 7/7

  1. misb says:

    i think JD is slowly falling for JP. its just JP is too rough on her sometimes

  2. misb says:


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