Watch & Review : Korean Boys Over Flowers Eps 1 & 2 (ENG)

Posted: January 10, 2009 in drama, English, Music
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My review :

1st episode : is quite satisfying and to see Hyunjoong leader in this drama give this drama additional credits , especially from all Triple S (SS501 Fans)

2nd eps : the story is built nicely. few scenes are different from Taiwan & Japan version, yet the Korean team did a great version of theirs. Lee minho is doing a great job as joonpyo, i like Jandi’s character development by hyesun ssi, yet Hyunjoong is also developing his acting  skills better n better.. i like how he translate the Rui character on his own way..

Overall : Great job for the Korean Version of Boys Over Flowers / Boys Before Flowers !!!

Then, Hyunjoong eui dongsaengs are helping their hyung by giving their voice through the Ost. of this drama , titled : Because I am stupid by SS501 (minus Jungmin & leader).  I must say, that this song is very good and even better then the opening theme. I guess uri SS501 boys sing a great Ost. as any other Ost. that they sang b4… uri SS501 JJANG !!


Credits : hyunie501 @ YT

Watch Eps 1 & 2 with English subs here

  1. jiae89 says:

    i just started to watched ep1.
    however, pretty late..since HYD are at ep4..
    but.. i really2 enjoyed that,,

    just like other ver, this drama also great..
    and my hyunjoong.. he look so cool!!

  2. Didi says:

    cant wait to watch the whole ep… im so excited~

  3. allison lee says:

    ang gnda nman ng korean drama nyo!!!

  4. Louise says:

    I’ll tell you guys this version is HOT!!! Kim Hyun Joong is my favorite.. I already watched the whole episode and you’ll gonna say you want more for them… I love this drama… I watched this drama online…brilliant….

  5. honey says:

    i love da whole episode..F4 sud cum out wid more other drama in future…alll of them are awesome..hope to see you guys in future..

  6. […] SS501 members support HJL and sing BoF Ost. song ‘Because I’m Stupid’ [link] […]

  7. teja says:

    i love this drama

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