Watch & Review Korean Boys Over Flowers eps.6 (ENG)

Posted: January 21, 2009 in drama, English, review
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Episode 6

Part 1/7 : The best part is the Fireworks which JP prep for JD.. omo, heart fireworks.. we can also see how JD felt so happy for that.. ( i love when the 2 exchange their glances each other secretly)

Part 2/7 : I dunno why, but i always love to see how JP expressed his feelings to JD, in this part i can’t help myself to giggles when he was so over worrying JD who took a long time in the bathroom.. haha.. hilarious.. this part JP gives JD a bracelet and put it to her ankle n it was so cute of him on how he gave it to JD ^^ i can tell that JD is also happy to get the bracelet ^^

Part 3/7 : Ok, this is the part when Jihoo hugged JD-JD shocked-dropped her bracelet accidentally.. when she rushedly back to her room, JP is waiting for her n worried like hell.. i like how JD apologizes to JP, felt like she’s treating JP as her boyfriend already.. i can see how JP is really worrying her in this part..

Part 4/7 : Jihoo wore JD’s bracelet in his hand T_T  (though i hate Jihoo here I still love u so much Hyunjoongaa ^^ ). Despite his curiousity, he took JD by helicopter n showed her the other part of the island that has a HEART shape, n tell her that he promised himself to show this only to the girl he liked.. omo….. JP ure so darn romantic………. ^^ at night JP tries to kiss JD , yet she refuses politely..yet, this part isn’t only about the ‘happy’ scenes, since after that,  JD meet Jihoo again regarding the article about his noona probability marriage to some French guy, then everything going so fast with the crying and kissing-JP sees it all… !! Man, can u magine, that JD refuses him beforehand, yet she accepts Jihoo kiss a while after the rejection… i can tell how angry JP is..

Part 5/7 : They all back to Seoul.. yet, JD is feeling sorry for JP, which i think it’s more than that..i can tell, how sad she is actually …specially, when she knew from her friend Gaeul, that the bracelet is supposed to be given to the person u like n having the meaning of not going anywhere (read : unseparable), JD felt even worse than b4

Part 6/7 : JP announced that Jihoo is no longer F4 member and that Jihoo n JD are expelled from school the soonest as in 1 week from now

Part 7/7 : Teaser of next episode. I can tell, it will be an episode which F4 will compete with Jihoo n JD in order to avoid the expel thingy.. There’s also the part, 1 day b4 the competition, JP meets JD and asked her to say that she likes him, n he will forget all

Overall : i give 8.7 out of 10 for this episode…

Omo, this Korean version is getting better n better.. I heart it ^^

Ur comments please ..

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  1. tahrehsi says:

    I totally agree with you. (: I think the KOREAN version is way better than the OTHER ones. (:

  2. preeti says:

    2 yrs back ,i watching some dramas (korean) but soon the chanel get not connected. so i wont able to watch this ful dram. do u help me.
    i m from india

  3. mero says:

    what was that

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