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He’s good-looking, leader and also has a lot of money. These days, Drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ has raised the popularity of the Korean F4 also.

But theF4 syndrome is more to the leader of the Gu junpyo Syndrome.We can say that all women love him.

All the things that Gujunpyo * 이민호 * wore is being a topic. Among them, the F4 leader Gu Junpyo main interest is his hot fashion style. A man in suit until his perm hair is catching everyone’s attention.
Now, the F4 chief stylist Jeong Hyejin will share us the Gujunpyo keywords style.
1. Black’ is expressing a strong charisma
Major Gujunpyo color is black. The clothing helps the viewer to understand the drama character.As the leader of F4, Junpyo is the global scale of the Republic of Korea‘s conglomerates and the myth group’s heir.So, he needs to perform with an intense black color and suits.
2. Preppy Look
The F4 boys are using apeurepiruk’ (Preppy Look).
3. Gujunpyo Hair
Deep black color of the hair to enhance the role Gu Junpyo is stressing more of his charisma.

 gjp2 gjp4 gjp5

 Omo, the more I see Lee Minho, the more handsome he is ..haha..

But still,uri leader Kim Hyunjoong saranghaeyo^^

  1. cLaire says:

    is there a season 2 of Boys over flowers???
    hope there is, cant get enough of them/..

  2. krizzia mae dalloran says:

    i love gu jun pyo very much

  3. Gu juen Pyo sangat menawan dan berkarisma,sosok Gue Juen PYO samgt cocok sekali diperankan oleh lee min hoo.sukses terus ya………….

  4. Dear li minho,
    Hello, how are you? I am favorite fan. I have search your image on wedsibe. Kindly please reply to me as your new fan from Myanmar.

    Looking forward to your kind reply.Bye bye, thank you.

    zarni lwin

  5. geum tary says: you forever,emmmuaaach,please reply..minho

  6. hanniyaso brother lee minho this is your sis ashruta from sikkim india i wish u a very good luck for your up coming days and i will always keep u in my prayers so sarangyo and hanniya

  7. Esbella says:

    HI, how are u lee min ho?

    I hope u will fine.I am a girl from Myanmar Country.

    I have been seen F4 lover korea drama that include You(lee min ho).

    I like very much your action.Please,May I know your real name ,age,height,hobby and gmail account

    Can you reply me if you free ? Bye Bye. Have a nice day forever!

  8. Selden Pemo says:

    Dear li minho,
    I hope u r fine n doin well. I hav also seen F4 lover korean drama. This drama has really attracted me towards u. I really like u n ur style. If u can jus be my fren then it wud b a great favor for me from u. Till then aniyoung………….

  9. syifa seicioria says:

    Rasanya jadi pengen ktemu langsung deh ma anak-anak BBF!!!!
    kapan sih BBF ke Malang?????
    kadang-kadang BBF sampek kebawa mimpi lo!!!!

  10. eidae says:

    gu jun pyo mmg the best…

  11. dien says:

    gu jun pyo emang sosok orang yang acuh,tapi di balik acuh’y itu dya sangat butuh…
    contoh’y d episode kemaren….
    semangat gu jun pyo jangan menyerah dapetin jandi OK…..

  12. juliana_julie says:

    hey dude!!!!!!! you are the best and the cutest…. love your style and your smile, i mean you look so freaking innocent…….anyways wish you all the best in the future

  13. ritu says:

    gu jun pyo i lvu u bcoz u r so cute.

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