[Fan Share] SS501 Bangkok Persona Concert : The Fan Story!

Posted: February 22, 2010 in FanStory
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One of this blog visitor named Kimz wants to share her thoughts about the boys’ concert in BKK!

Read away!

Well, there are 6 of us. 3 went there together since around 3pm! so early? – just wanna Q up for standing ticket..:p
There were some activities from different webboards like SS501thailand, kimhyonjoongthailand, triplesthailand, …
about 6-7 i guess.. all are nice and friendly they provided a big board for us, triple S, to write a msg for Valentine’s day to SS501, B.Day card for our sweet KyuJong, some free stickers, big standy & poster for fans to take photos with,…
and everywhere are greennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!  ^^

KyuJong – our sweet KyuJong is really good looking ^^ i almost couldn’t take my eyes from him when they started with DejaVu LOL* and he was smexy during his solo ^^ – like what u mentioned before KyuJong is so sweet but he turns up to be so smexy on stage!

JungMin – we love him, Park JongMin!! he treated all fans super good as always.. his sweet smile & eye contact made us melt… >.< his sense of language is really impressed especially when he sang Thai song, ‘Rak Ter’  (= Love You)
and kept repeating Thai words after MC announced.. ^^

YoungSaeng – super cool, man!!!!! his new look in FIND (rock) is excellent!!!! during his solo, the whole stadium belonged to him!! and there were some lovely moments during encore.. which you may see from Soin’s pics ^^

HyungJoon – our HJB is so adorable! he is very cheerful with happy smile all the time on his face ^^
his skin is so fair (envy! ><)  and his body is so firm LOL*

HyunJoong – well, we were at the middle of the main walkway which KyuJong, JongMin, YoungSaeng & HJB stopped over
during their perfomance.. but not HJL .. U.U.. he did stop but not as long as others .. haha.. he stopped more at the side.. that’s why Soin mentioned he was far away.. LOL*

Well, HJL was great.. everyone saw leader did his great job on stage, we saw a big smile on his face ^^
We cheered for him! Shouted out loud for him!! even though he didn’t take off his top!! LOL*

anyway, i got one moment that i always see from the clips..he bullied HJB!! again and again LOL*
hahahaha… it was the lastttttt scene when HJB & others were going down – back (underneath) to the stage
HJL was pouring water (from encore) to HJB till he’s gone before HJL jump down followed HJB LOL*
ah.. eventually i saw it with my own eyes!!! that’s our leader!!  hahahaah.. LOL*

I just want to share with someone who also love SS501 ^^
Just like what you have always share with us ^^
Even though you were not there with us.. but don’t worry next time we’ll be there together! 😉


Kimz 😉

Note : Above fan share is edited without loosing its original message! Thx to Kimz for the sharing ^^

  1. sskyu4j says:

    awww thanks sooo much for sharing! i really hope i get to go one day to their concert…

  2. UnonU says:

    ss501 supercool!!
    kimz , soin and me we cant stop screamm

    lovely kyu ,he’s very nice he say hello fans and give his hand for fans OMG!!
    Jungmal so nice when they sang ‘Bcuz i’m stupid ‘ he play with us look at us with sweeteyes >///< and He sang RUK-TER veryvery clearly got 100 points fr me!!

    sweet YS !! first impression … feel like i start heart attack when he sang FIND ..
    unbeleivable .. falling in love with YS .. lasttime they pouring water to fans ,suddenly
    YS throw plastic-gun to fans … hahahaha nobody know before .. not only fansfans surprised but he shocked that he did it also !! he said sorry by bodylanguge ^^ so cute

    HJB so cute!! he's so bright and naughty he ran around stage hahahaha so fun!!

    for leader HJL…… supercool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you next time

    PS. i'll share my pix later ^^

  3. A says:

    aawwww how nice
    so jealous right now… 😦
    I wonder when I’ll be able to go to one of their concerts?

  4. Praew says:

    i was so happy seeing leader so cheerful on that day!
    he was smiling non-stop ^^
    YEAH!!!! kyu was sooo friendly! [and he was on my side of the stage, unfortunately leader was so far away T^T]
    he pointed and me n my friend and smiledd!!!
    and also touched my friend’s hand [unfortunately, not mine cos my friend, who is a guy, had longer arms -0-]
    we were like screaming our heads off!!!!!
    yeah, magnae got bullied by leader XDXD
    i saw that…he was like *pourswateroverhead*

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