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As I posted earlier, my fellow blogger Alex a.k.a aa-chan tweeted some live reports during the 2010 Dream Concert and that includes our SS501 boys’ stage.

Afterwards, aa-chan also posted his full report regarding the concert, and this is what he says about our boys :


As I posted several posts for this event, you might missed it when it’s no longer at the homepage.

So, here’s the summary!

[photo] korean ts put banner to support ss501 in 2010 dream concert!

korean triple s turn on the green light for ss501 in 2010 dream concert!


SoIn, wrapped up her report by sharing her experience during the concert!

Read so you can feel as if you’re also there at the concert ^^

Let’s say..ever since I was teenager, even before I interested in K-Pop/dramas.
I was into so many artistes or actors and actresses, Thais, westerners or easterners.
I have seen some of them, I went to fansigning, I attended the events, I paid for the tickets of Music festivals. But to tell you the truth, SS501’s PERSONA was my very first full concert in my life…

6 months of them performing this PERSONA concert, were also 6 months that I and my friends were preparing ourselves…trying to be as ready as possible. But we were still lacking in some ways…there always are something you wish you could do better/more ^^.  Since we kind of lost grip when the 5 guys were finally right there in front of our eyes…I really wish I could take better photos to share with all of you who are reading this, however, I hope you enjoy my photos posted here^^


MarinaStory contributor SoIn done her detail report from the press conference! Read away!

12.02.2010 Press Conference @ Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon

Thanks to my beloved friends who let me have the best opportunity, to get to meet the guys so near…and i owed them millions thanks…thank you !!! my experience sharing hereby is dedicated to you girls…^^

Friday 12.02.2010 after i helped my family prepared things for CNY, I left home and headed to my friends’ place…we were all excited because we were going to see our beloved SS501 !!!! ^^  there were lots of fans waiting at the venue even it was under the hot sun…i went for a registration first while my friends waited for them over the venue…we waited and waited….and it’s time they came out…around 5.20 pm !!!!!!!!!

According to my friends, they only did a very short Press Conference … which they told me it’s so hard to catch the translation since the voice from the MC was not loud enough to fight with the fans’ excitement…keep saying that “they look gorgeous” “really like snow princes..they are so fair and they glow” “so cuteee” …. well they really were …. 5 princes in white (really !!)