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So short -__- But, it is a good performance from Saeng-ee



The prince is back with great concept ^^

The song is good with good choreo and of course Saeng-ee’s live skills are nothing to be questioned ^^

[One thing that I dislike is he’s getting skinnier than before >.< Pls eat more Saeng-ee ya -__-]

The photo was taken for Kyu solo comeback via McD 29.09.2011

This picture is just so beautiful to see ^^ I wish to see 5 of them altogether >.<

Rought trans :

Leader say that he saw UFO in Japan a month ago. He said it was like a metallic balloon and he heard “Whoak” sound.

He was alone and nobody around when the scene happened.

Source : Nate + aired on 24 Oct 2011 on MBC TV