[TV|Photo] Kim HyunJoong,” I saw UFO in Japan” @ MBC Come2Play 24.10.2011

Posted: October 24, 2011 in tv show
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Rought trans :

Leader say that he saw UFO in Japan a month ago. He said it was like a metallic balloon and he heard “Whoak” sound.

He was alone and nobody around when the scene happened.

Source : Nate + aired on 24 Oct 2011 on MBC TV

  1. pengfoo says:

    With Hyun Joong’s participation, the air shows become livelier. He is so funny and entertaining. He brings his charismatic personality to the show and adds to the fun. His laughter and smile is so contagious and the mood generally becomes happier.

    Hyun Joong is such a joy to watch. Value added for sure!

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