(TV) Jungmin – If U Cannot (MuCore 07182009)

Posted: July 19, 2009 in dsp media, tv show
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Uri ‘Mal’ was back on Music Core too! He performed his solo along with partner Jiseon ex Loveholic Vocalist ^^

Jungmin is using white custome concept and I am so loving his white boots ^^

While Jiseon is looking so pretty w/ her white mini dress 🙂 And her shoe-less concept *lol*

I am so loving the stagey concept !!!

  • The background
  • The puppet show in the beginning
  • The HUGE Photo frame w/ piano keys
  • and of course the HUGE white Chair !!

One thing that Mal shud improved is his stage act! I know it’s a slow song, but, maybe he can like “walk around in a slow pace” or maybe as simple as “looking to other side and not only left side pose” ..hehe.. then again, his voice is great !!

Enjoy the HD video via hoonfami

  1. Vita Avianty says:

    Really wanna see JungMin stagey…He’s more and more handsome now ^^

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