(News) SS501 is KAC Ambassador

Posted: July 13, 2009 in dsp media, Event, photo spread, tv show
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Kimpo SS together with KAC

credit : marinastory if taken out

Today, July 13,2009, Top group SS501 is spotted in Kimpo Airport as they attend the event from Korea Airports Corp (KAC) as well as getting the ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ title from the corporation.

Korea Airports Corporation, “The airport would like to be more friendly to the people (customer), yet it also wants to gain more popularity in Japan and China region, that is why we appoint popular group  SS501 who is popular in the region as our Goodwill Ambassador,” he said.

Leader Hyunjoong,” This is our first time to be a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ since our debut, yet, we believe, that in this new experience, we will gain more memorable and meaningful time in our life”.

A slight of KAC below !

Korea Airports Corporation was established in 1980 to promote the efficient construction, management, and operation of airports and the smoothness of air transportation. As an airport management specializing organization, KAC manages and operates total of 14 airports in Korea including Gimpo, Gimhae, Jeju, Daegu, Gwangju, Cheongju, and Yangyang International Airport. KAC also manages the Area Control Center, 9 VOR/TACs and Korea Civil Aviation Academy (via KAC)

  • I bet KAC is also inspired by the group’s last time ‘Inflight Fanmeeting’ to Jeju w/ Triple S ^^ Congrats!!

Watch their coverage in Arirang TV via hoonfami (ENG Sub)

Photos via NATE or as attached!

SS kimpo together

Kimpo SS together3

SS kimpo HJL3

SS kimpo HJL2

Kimpo HJL

SS kimpo HJL

SS kimpo HJL yawning

Leader is so darn tired >.<

Kimpo HYS

Kimpo KJ

SS kimpo JM2

SS kimpo JM

JM w/ hairband & put on curly style !

Kimpo HJB

Watch Video related !

  1. lucatest says:

    Good for them! So proud of SS501
    HJL is soo cute..!

  2. ss501 says:

    they are so handsome


  3. mikki says:

    waaaa…..he youngsaeng is soooo cute…hyung joong looks tired.. kim kyu joong looks chubby..



  4. aznsupergirl916 says:

    </3 . KHJ looks so tired. </3 He looks old and some what scary. He needs to sleep more. </3 Love KHJ forever ❤ Thanks for the post!

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