(TV) Jungmin – If U Cannot (InkiGayo 07192009)

Posted: July 19, 2009 in dsp media, tv show
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This time Uri Jungmin says that “Less is More” through his stagey.

Despite his ‘so empty’ stage (since there’s none of prop behind him while singing) Jungmin wears a well suited light blue tuxedo jacket on him ^^ The black scarf & tank under the jacket completed his overall concept ! I think he’s looking very handsome on stage ^^

Then Jiseon completed the message, by wearing a simple silver-ish mini dress with pretty bracelet ^^

The two once again do a great duet stagey ^^

Enjoy the HD video via CodeMonmonSeason3

It is rumoured that each SS501 member will be doing their solo stage / week. I will check this via DSP and let u informed ! If it’s true ?!!??? Am so awaiting it ^^

  1. czarinna jane says:

    i’ve watch all the episodes of “thanks for waking me up” and “thanks for raising me up”…..

    jung min — keep on hitting all the person who wants to wake him up…hehehehehehe (especially hyung joon – how unlucky man…)

    kyu jong — very nice guy…very responsible…

    hyung joon — very childish but your the cutest among all the childish

    young saeng — my beloved young saeng…(hehehehe)… what a lovely voice… i like you most while sleeping…(most of the time with hood)….

    hyun joong — my everdearest….i like how you portray yoon ji hoo in boys over flowers….
    you did it very well…

    SS501 — good luck to all of you…keep up the good work and hope that all of you stays forever as a group… you have a lot of supporters and fans… you made us all happy everytime we heard all your songs…

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