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Uri ‘Mal’ was back on Music Core too! He performed his solo along with partner Jiseon ex Loveholic Vocalist ^^

Jungmin is using white custome concept and I am so loving his white boots ^^

While Jiseon is looking so pretty w/ her white mini dress 🙂 And her shoe-less concept *lol* (more…)

boysbeforeflowersHere u go :

Eps 22 : it’s all about the wed lay off (as i already told u), n JP JD’s sweet moments. I love how cool Jaekyoung is in this episode ^^ Love the dance scene, love how JP apologize for hurting JD n love he finally confessed his love to Jandi, last time only thru text message rite (b4 he left for Macau). (more…)


Casts : Oguri Shun, Nishihara Aki


Watch Online with English sub here


It’s basically a regular high school romance story. Yet, I kinda have similar experience ^^, so the drama successfully dragged me. Of course Oguri Shun is also one of the main factors to watch the drama. The story started with the meeting of Akane (Nishihara Aki) & Kei (Oguri Shun). The meeting showed that it’s an important one!!! This is like the main message of the drama.. Words from Kei to Akane back then (as shown below) would lead them to their relationship future… (more…)

비 (Rain) ★ Love Story
ALBUM TYPE Digital Single
RELEASE DATE 2008.10.08
RECORD LABEL J.Tune Entertainment
BUY IT YA Global 
Above detail CREDITs : downyourmusics @ multiply

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Love Story MV Teaser #2 (English subbed)-credits : wondersmurf @ youtube

Great song supported by great MV teaser !! Nuff said ! Welcome back  Rain !!