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Now I know what the boys meant by saying “Love Ya” promo will be shorter than Love Like This when I read this message >.< (click here for bigger and clearer view)

Good news is SS501 was #1 in KBS Music Bank K-chart 18.06.2010 despite their absence on the show >.<

I am sad, but I trust them! They say they will always together forever n I can’t wait ’till I hear their official statement regarding their togetherness ! And, I think we still have hopes by seeing DSP message saying ‘Looking forward to TS support in the future’ (last line) right?

I know DSP isn’t the best company out there, but, somehow, I do hope SS501 will stay there. But, any decisions will do me good as long as they’re together!


DSP posted this news yesterday around 6 pm local time.

It’s about the boys 2nd day Encore Concert ticket sales !

Here’s few lines about the 2nd day concert ticket sales :

Hello. This is DSP Media.

Thank you for the overwhelming interest you showed to SS501 Encore Concert.

And, now I will tell you the schedule for the 2nd day encore concert ticket sales .


The 2nd day concert ticket sales will be open in the coming Tuesday, on Feb 2nd from 7:00 pm via Ticket Interpark

In related to this, we are looking forward to everyone’s attention.

Thank you.


I know most of us are super sad reading the announcement from their Bangkok Promoter that stated Bangkok will be their last stop. Super sad I was, I sent e-mail to SS501 webmaster , since I am in the midst of communicating with them for other matter.



dsp site ss501

[Notice] 11 / 8 SBS Inki Gayo Stage is canceled-2009-11-06 PM 8:56:27

Hello. This is DSP media.

On 11 / 8 SS501 was scheduled to appear in SBS Inki Gayo.

Yet, this schedule is canceled due to inevitable internal matters.

The exact reason for the cancellation cannot be explained to you, please understand this and we apologize for this inconvenience.

This issue has nothing to do with SBS TV, this schedule is canceled by DSP Media.

Please don’t put any protest whatsoever to SBS TV.

I know this cancellation has made Triple S confuse.

Once again I apologize.

[DSP Media]

Source is SS501 Official DSP Site-translated by imuyachan for marinastory@wordpress



As promised by DSP Entertainment,  SS501 individual photos from REBIRTH mini album will be revealed as off today Oct 14, with 2 photos as a start.

And it seems DSP Entertainment chose to released the photos by age order as today it’s Magnae Hyungjoon’s and Jungmin’s photos that greet us first.

Still with the same sexy and smokey make up concept, these 2 boys are looking great as ever.


Park Jungmin

rebirth jm2 (more…)



+DSP Media posted this in their official site on Oct 12,2009.

Details below!

ss501 rebirth

Hello. This is DSP media.

The fast changes about SS501 is releasing a Mini-album instead of a Full Album must have made Triple S daze.

This mini album was planned as a regular album yet we decide to change it into a Mini Album instead.

It is decided due to the tight schedule (of the boys currently have) it is impossible to add more (many) activities and that is why we have decided to release a Mini Album instead a Full Album.

Please understand this.

[Album Release Date] (more…)