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Now I know what the boys meant by saying “Love Ya” promo will be shorter than Love Like This when I read this message >.< (click here for bigger and clearer view)

Good news is SS501 was #1 in KBS Music Bank K-chart 18.06.2010 despite their absence on the show >.<

I am sad, but I trust them! They say they will always together forever n I can’t wait ’till I hear their official statement regarding their togetherness ! And, I think we still have hopes by seeing DSP message saying ‘Looking forward to TS support in the future’ (last line) right?

I know DSP isn’t the best company out there, but, somehow, I do hope SS501 will stay there. But, any decisions will do me good as long as they’re together!


DSP posted this news yesterday around 6 pm local time.

It’s about the boys 2nd day Encore Concert ticket sales !

Here’s few lines about the 2nd day concert ticket sales :

Hello. This is DSP Media.

Thank you for the overwhelming interest you showed to SS501 Encore Concert.

And, now I will tell you the schedule for the 2nd day encore concert ticket sales .


The 2nd day concert ticket sales will be open in the coming Tuesday, on Feb 2nd from 7:00 pm via Ticket Interpark

In related to this, we are looking forward to everyone’s attention.

Thank you.


I know most of us are super sad reading the announcement from their Bangkok Promoter that stated Bangkok will be their last stop. Super sad I was, I sent e-mail to SS501 webmaster , since I am in the midst of communicating with them for other matter.