[Info] Return of 5 Men ~ SS501/REBIRTH!

Posted: October 12, 2009 in album, dsp media
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Finally the waiting is over!!!

Today Oct 12,2009, our flower group SS501 released their new mini album jacket photo ^^

SS501 rebirth

SS501 comes back w/ hot and charismatic concept

as the 5 men looked superb with smokey eye make-up on their face!

I was not able to recognize leader when I see this >.< *Bad Fan*

It’s because he pulls up his hair in this photo 😀 He’s still hawt as ever !!

Jungmin as always hits the jackpot w/ his witty pose and sexy charisma!

As for Kyu, it’s definitely confirm that Kyu & Smokey Eyes aren’t Bestie!

But, uri Kyu’s still looked cute ❤

2nd oldest Youngsaeng looks just fine for me! I esp ❤ his messy hair do ❤

And HJB is rocking the photo!!! Sorry guys, yet, Magnae looks the best in this pic 😀

Sexy, Manly, Nice Clothing= Perfecto!! fangirl2

Ok, nuff of this fangirling session ^^ Let’s continue…

On Oct 14 & 16 , DSP Ent. will release each member’s photo of  their new mini album jacket

so make sure u come again to check 😀

New Mini album ‘REBIRTH’ will be OUT on Oct 20 for its SPECIAL EDITION

(w/ 100 page diary-photobook+poster)

whilst the NORMAL EDITION will be out on Oct 22nd,2009.

Source : Lee Minji minz01@sed[Info]+DSP Media[Pic]

Why Mini Album ? Not Full Album ? >.<

  1. Merpati says:

    Sweet……….but why mini album?

    As long as we all happy see them happiness

    • jn says:

      As i know, their new songs gt some prob.. bcoz of de song writter copy songs of others artirst, then they forced to take out al de songs tat gt prob!!!

      • Imuyachan says:

        @jn : there was a story about that..that’s why SS501 delayed their comeback..but, the prob is solved, as they come up with new songs which are superb 😀 tx 4 coming ^^ details ’bout the plagiarism issue read my post here

  2. khaye says:

    when will be their comeback??

  3. Iris says:

    All of them are great and hot no questions about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They all look so smokin’ hot ever!!!!!!!!!!
    SS501 fighting

  4. Iris says:

    Pls. visit us in Philippines, Cebu.
    Fighting!!!!!!!!!!! AJA!!!!!!!
    No. 1!!!!!!!

  5. soin says:

    finally finally finally !!!
    aww i’m all excited here…..wanna see their individual close-up so bad >_<

    for me i prefer their bare faces (i mean they look awesome hot here, but i'm crazy over a non-make up face)
    but who knows i might change my mind on wednesday eieiei ^ ^
    Love them lotssss anyway~fighting

    thank u for an update and i'll be waiting to see the next photo
    thank u so much, Imuyachan ^_^

  6. josh says:

    only Jung Min and Young Saeng looks the same as usual..

    Hyun Joong, Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong really changed a lot!!

    SS501, Fighting!!!!!

    Go Philippines!

    (where Hyung Joon? is he at the outer right? who’s that guy next to Min? is that Kyu Jong?)

    i hope the album is avialble here in the Phils!)

  7. fab.ulous.007 says:

    i agree with you about HJB. he is looking hotttt.
    hope they do well for their new album
    501 fighting!

  8. fab.ulous.007 says:

    thanks for telling me the order! theyve changed so much i wasnt sure who was who!!

  9. Iris says:

    I really want to know where i could go to buy their new album!!!!
    i’m going crazy, i’ve been asking people to look it for me but there are still no good responses!!!!!!
    Pls if any one of you know pls tell me!!!!!
    pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!
    SS501 welcome back i your no. FAn will always be waiting for you!!!!!!
    Visit us here in the Philippines.(Cebu)!!!!!!!!!!
    Fighting!!!!!!!!! Sarangheyeo

    • Imuyachan says:

      u can buy via yesasia darling..but if what ur Q is where to buy the cd in ur country..let’s ask other reader..girls, if u know where to buy the album somewhere in the philippines plz inform us so Iris can buy ^^ thx y’all 😀

  10. neehyunjoong says:

    i’m so happy with this new album…….
    and i surprised with the new style of them…..

    • Imuyachan says:

      me too ^^ the boys esp leader is actually always develop their style..u can see leader hairstyle is actually changes a lot ^^ yet, he’s still handsome no matter how he styles his hair *lol* ^^ thx 4 coming 😀

  11. ss501lover says:

    hey, i cant recognised them. which one is kim hyun jung,kim hyung jun,jung min,younsaeng and kyu jung?
    which one??

  12. I love not only their music,
    they are soooooooooooooo cute!!!

    SS501 is the best!!!
    Park Jung Min saranghaeyo♥♥♥

  13. RP02 says:


  14. Jan K. says:

    SS501 iz really awesome..especially d cute leader Hyun Joong…i love him a lot…and the rest of members of SS501..More blessings to come..Go SS501..i’m ur fan forever..Gambatte!..Aja!..Fighting!♥.♥.♥

  15. bryan says:

    annyeonghaseyo gim hyeon Joong

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