SS501 updates {Taiwan Concert details, Swindle Case & Future project}

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Celeb Updates, drama, Event, Music




hjl in taiwan press con 16 okt 2009


Ok, the closer we get to SS501 Comeback stagey day, more news have been released & circulated around the net or fan cafe. So, I summed up (compiled) it all 4 u 😀 Read away!

Taiwan Concert Details

(Source is Quainte501)

  • The boys threw chocolate to fans during the concert opening
  • The boys sang ‘Green Peas’ & ‘Love Like This’ from the new album
  • There was 12.000 people in total inside their Taiwan  concert venue
  • Jungmin sang a Chinese song titled ‘Tian Mimi’
  • SS501 new concept is manly image as they also cut their hair shorter than b4
  • Their Taipei Arena stagey was build with 10 mio NTD + 100 set of clothes
  • Fans from Japan, Hongkong, Korea & Thailand flew to Taiwan for the concert
  • SS501 Taiwan Concert is the biggest concert in 3 years as the organizer revealed
  • Next Concert stops will be : China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand
  • DSP stated that they also plan to put Philippines & Indonesia into the concert stops

Wuhu…Philippines & Indonesia fans get urself ready 😀


SS501 was also received Golden Disc Award for all 5 albums released in Taiwan (Superhits, 1st solo album, Collection, Dejavu, Find) and as all 5 albums have surpassed the 10 mio copies in sales record – the all 5 albums were also awarded White Golden Disc by Warner Music Taiwan. (Source is happy@osen) Chukahaeyo!

Swindle Case

Reason for the album delay!

Credits : sportschosun + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501’s leader, Kim HyunJoong said “We are sorry to our fans because our album release was postponed for about 2 months. During the process of recording, we were caught in a swindle. If we haven’t released it during the midst (of recording), we would have sang a plagiarized song.”

SS501 planned to release their album in August, so they started recording for the album while doing their Asia Tour concert. SS501 went to USA to look for their title song for this album, they received a song that they like from an agent and started recording it immediately. However during the process of recording, this agent continued to offer to sell this song and some other songs, and even demanded for additional (song) usage fee. Kim HyunJoong paid this agent over 8 million won. But the process of recording didn’t go on smoothly after that, DSP Media confirmed that the title song was already being released in USA.

Park JungMin revealed “After we ended our Japan concert in August, on the flight back home, we don’t know who sang this song, but we heard the song which sounded like our title song. We immediately investigate on that agent and confirmed that we were being swindled.” Kim HyunJoong said that luckily through DSP Media’s effort, the 8 million won was returned to him.

DSP Media said “We are lucky that we found out about the song during the process of recording and was able to change it. Even though we do not have any financial losses, because of this, we wasted 2 months time which is like money to us.”

Future Project

1. We have to admit that Hyunjoong has gained (add) more popularity to himself and SS501 in Korea/overseas thanks to his participation in the popular drama Boys over Flowers aka Kkotboda Namja.

Continuing his success 1st acting attempt, Hyunjoong also revealed via recent interview that he will take on new challenge in acting at the beginning of next year  (source is UDN News via Quainte501)

2. SS501 Persona Concert Details :

  • Nov 14, 2009 : China-Shanghai
  • Dec 12, 2009  : Hongkong
  • Jan 2010          : Malaysia & Thailand
  • Feb 2010          : Singapore, China : Beijing& Guangzhou

Concert details posted by happy@osen (Posted via Nate on Oct 18,2009 – 10.00 am)

3. SS501 will start filming their new mini alb. single title ‘Love Like This’ MV on Oct 21st (source is quainte501)

  1. greentea says:

    Thank you for the news summary — so much info about Persona, their new album, and another acting gig for Leader? I wonder what the other members’ plans are with acting. I have my HK concert ticket already, but with so many Persona stops, it would be great to plan to see them again, if possible. 🙂

    • Imuyachan says:

      hai glad that ure going to hongkong concert..u can also share ur photos and experience with us here…just e-mail me the photos n ur story i will post it here and of course credit u ^^ last time, one of triple s malaysia named Yana who went to their fanmeeting in KL also shared it w/ us here ^^ but that if u have time to do that 😀 me too agree..i feel like going to spore n of course indonesia concert if they are really considering Philippines and Indonesia as one of their stops 😀 tx 4 coming darling…keep loving the boys ^^

  2. lamerhui says:

    wah singapore concert to be postpone till feb? hope is after cny period 🙂

  3. Soin says:

    oh thank you so much for all the informaiton…
    while reading all this i feel like fainting…really !!

    it’s too bad for them abour the plagiarize issue, goshh they might be accused for that if they didnt get to know it…
    thank goodness they found out,

    and the concert details !! this is just we’re waiting for…thank u so much Imuyachan
    so are you coming to SG concert if they r goin’ to Indonesia ?
    i also want to go back to Thailand to see them so much (but not sure if it will fit my work schedule)
    i hope they will confirm the tour soon ^^

    Aww it’s gonna be a busy year for them again, way to go guys !!!
    please take care of yourselves, ke ? Fighting !!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      u r welcome darling ^^ i dunno, i will see their concert schedule first..yet, since Philippines n Indonesia are still under consideration so I am not sure it will be held in near time..maybe i will go to Spore first..then maybe go again in their indonesia’s concert *lol* haha….yet, if we’re going to the same concert let’s meet will be fun to cheer them together ^^

  4. alexia lo says:

    ah. if he is going to be acting beginning of next year, i wonder if he’ll have the time for concerts too! schedules are so packed for him!

  5. lamerhui says:

    i MUST *hehe* go for the singapore concert. but i hope there’s a chance for me to go for the msia one if is possible 🙂 i feel like going for all, but well…. 😛

  6. 07Marvis says:

    Hi, thanks for yr info. I am very happy to know that they are coming Singapore. hehehe…. Hope they we all can meet and cheer for them yah.,,,, :p

  7. 07Marvis says:

    sorry typing error. I am saying hope that we all can meet and cheer for them yah… paiseh…. :p

  8. 07Marvis says:

    Anyway, just keep me update. ok…… thanks advance. gd day

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