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Posted: October 16, 2009 in album
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SS501 is reborn on their new mini-album Rebirth! Since SS501’s last two albums were solo and Triple S efforts, this is actually SS501’s first group K-pop album in over one and a half years, and its delayed release due to Kim Hyun Joong’s health problems has only built up anticipation even more. All five guys are back together, and looking and sounding smoking hot on Rebirth. The mini-album comes with five tracks including the first plug “Love Like This (For You)” which the group has performed for their Asia tour. The fresh, uptempo synth-pop number was especially crafted for SS501 by Steven Lee, Drew Ryan Scott, and Sean Alexander, with Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Ken Lewis on board for the mixing.

Rebirth is being released on Normal and Limited Edition. The Limited Edition comes with a 100-page photo diary and 2 posters.

Track List :

02. Love Like This (Negero)
03. 하루만 (Haruman)
04. Obsess (Jungdong)

05. 완.두.콩(Wandukong)

But the album here

1. Pre-order the Korean Edition of REBIRTH special edition album here (US$29.99)

The Limited Edition comes with a 100-page photo diary and 2 posters.

2. Pre-order the Korean Edition of REBIRTH normal edition album here (US$11.49)

3. Pre-order the Taiwan Edition of REBIRTH Version A  album (DVD+CD) here (US$22.99)

Taiwan Limited Preorder Edition A comes with SS501 file folder A and a DVD containing SS501’s new music video, making of footage, and album teaser.

4. Pre-order the Taiwan Edition of REBIRTH Version B album here (US$20.99)

Taiwan Limited Edition B comes with SS501 file folder B.

Full credit yesasia

Please support the boys by ONLY purchasing their original CD ^^

  1. soin says:

    Looking forward to this !!!! >_<
    i stopped by at HMV (I'm in SG) today and found that they have U R MAN in the shelf also !!
    (and of course i got 1 ^^)
    there are like …. 10 magazines with SS501 or HJL on the cover in the bookstore here
    (some mags are from Taiwan- Fans, Play, Color …) and we are so excited here

    i sneaked and took a photo of the shelf full of Leader on mag. cover ^^ hehe

  2. JIAYING says:


    • Imuyachan says:

      why don’t u call HMV and asked dearie..what Soin told us in the mssge above is she found U R Man album in HMV..which i think they shud have REBIRTH too in the future 😀 u might try to ask on how to pre-order via their store 😀 tx 4 coming 😀

  3. ELNO says:

    i don’t think it is @HMV yet because the i went pass today i wonder how much will it cost… ;D

  4. soin says:

    Hi Imuyachan and all !!

    I stopped by at HMV today and saw a shelf-ful of our SS501’s Rebirth
    (I think it is Taiwan version B, with sth look like a folder and a CD, and i think there’s no DVD…
    since the CD case seemed thin, unlike Deja Vu or Find, which they packed it in a double-case CD box)

    actually i saw 2 of Korean version (normal edi.) last week, then on Saturday my friend told me she went to the shop and thep keeper said it’s out of stock
    and just this evening there are plenty of them !! and i was excited as ever haha ^_^

    so anyone hasn’t got this album yet, u can grab one now !!
    also there are 3 Taiwanese magazine with the boys on cover this month !!

  5. velvet says:

    KASO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see it too …its not released at our country yet..kaso…. kaso
    heo seang is soooooo KAWAII ne……I ‘ll be supporting ur band as long as i live

  6. TASH says:

    heys. i would like to ask. the cover for the limited edition and normal edition albums. are the covers the same?

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie..u can check their CD details on the right side of my blog under the title Buy SS501 Goods which will redirect to u all their Rebirth album list where u can see the whole details of each album n that includes their cover ^^ tx 4 coming 😀

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