[Info] SS501 Hyungjoon is off from finding the Green Gold >.<

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Celeb Updates, tv show
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magnae sbs tv1


It is bad news I know >.<

I am actually enjoying the show, but, the boys are no longer there.

gif hjb

Korean sites haven’t report this, but Brian already update his myspace and wrote this.

He didn’t write a clear reason of them leaving,

he only mentioned that there’s a mis-communications

that caused the boys leave the show as its result.

HJB cry

Brian also wrote that they still have 2 more eps that haven’t aired

b4 the boys are totally off the screen.

That means, we  only able to see magnae

and the rest of the boys until episode 6th T_T

Oh well, at least magnae gets more days off now ~

hjb love

To see Brian Joo’s Myspace Post click here

magnae with brian

Source is quainte501&brianjoo’s myspace[Info]+NATE[Photos]

  1. maeberry says:

    thks for sharing!!oh~waiting for the update why he is off..anybody knows why?=)

  2. tonks42 says:

    I think its both good and bad….good because he needs to relax and take care of his health coz he is too thin nowadays…bad coz we won’t able to see him in TV…. SS501 Be healthy….GOodluck…

    Thanks for always updating us SS501 fans….


  3. soin says:

    that’s sad ….
    i think it’s a good program afterall…and also a good opportunity for Baby as well
    but agree with you that at least he will hav more day off during his hectic time nowadays !!

    thank u for the news !!
    and i really like the way you add pictures into your page ^^
    it’s like they also help you tell the news…eiei

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