[YEAR END SPECIAL] “MarinaStory with SS501” 2009 RECAP!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in English
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2009 will end soon ~

and to close this year, I make a special recap of what happened to our boys along this year!

Good Moments

  • HJL acted in popular drama Kkotboda Namja and swayed everyone w/ his Yoon JiHoo sunbae image [link]
  • SS501 members support HJL and sing BoF Ost. song ‘Because I’m Stupid’ [link]
  • SS501 sub unit released U R Man Remix album on Jan 9th,2009 [link]
  • SS501 sub unit finally performed BoF Ost in Mnet Countdown [link]
  • SS501 sub unit guesting in SBS Chocolate on Feb 11,2009 [link]
  • SS501 sub unit dance battle with Super Junior [link]
  • HJB featured in L.EO song ‘Love Train’ [link]
  • Yoon JiHoo fever in Korea [link]
  • Kyu featured in KARA’s Pictorial [link]
  • Double HJ do the catwalk [link]
  • HJB is the new DJ for SBS Music High radio [link]
  • HJL does bag design [link]
  • SS501 is Air Steward for TSJ [link]+[link]+[link]
  • Kyu featured in Kim DongHee’s MV [link]+[link]
  • SS501 does Ost for Anycall Haptic Mission titled ‘Play’ [link]
  • HJB does acting for ‘Superstar’ telecinema [link]+[link]+[link]
  • SS501 releases 20 mins drama MV [link]+[link]+[link]+[link]+[link]
  • SS501 Persona Concert in Asia [link]+[link]
  • SS501 4th Anniversary [link]+[link]
  • HJB is the 1st pitcher for Doosan Bears [link]
  • SS501 released 2nd Japanese album [link]
  • SS501 released solo collection album [link]+[link]+[link]
  • HJL featured in KimJoon’s MV [link]+[link]
  • SS501 releases DVD “SS501 SHOWCASE WITH TRIPLE S” [link]
  • Youngsaeng does Ost. for MBC drama ‘Friend’ [link]+[link]
  • HJB does MC for MTV The M [link]
  • HJB does Ost. for NZ Travel Song [link]
  • HJL in Story Of Four Flowers Photo album [link]+[link]
  • HJL in Family Outing [link]+[link]
  • HJB does SBS Find it! Green Gold! TV show [link]+[link]
  • SS501 does dance battles [link]
  • SS501 releases MBC Five Men’s Five Years DVD [link]
  • HJL is CURED from SWINE FLU [link]
  • Welcome back HJL [link]
  • Kyu to act in webdrama ‘SETI’ [link]
  • SS501 to release new mini album ‘REBIRTH’ [link]+[link]+[link]
  • SS501 release ‘Love Like This’ MV [link]
  • SS501 Comeback Stagey in MuBank is superb [link]
  • HJL to be in Hunters TV show [link]
  • HJL to act in his 1st korean movie [link]

Bad Moments

  • Jungmin knee’s injuries [link]
  • HJL hospitalized [link]
  • HJL stressed over his grandma condition [link]
  • HJL collapsed in exhaustion [link]+[link]
  • HJL Health Updates [link]
  • HJL discharge date is still undecided [link]
  • HJL comeback date is ? [link]
  • HJB off from SBS TV program ‘Find it!Green Gold! [link]

Shocking Moments

  • HJL to pursue study in USA [link]
  • Jungmin’s dating HJL rumors in Japan [link]
  • HJL and YS Secret Trip to HK [link]+[link]
  • HJL Down to SWINE FLU [link]
  • SS501 to end REBIRTH promotion [link]
  • HJL fans made a 137 pages fanmade paper [link]
  • SS501 initial members are 7 n not 5 ? [link]
  • SS501 Bangkok Persona Concert moved to Feb 13,2009 and it’s their last stop ! [link]


  • SS501 sub unit wins in Mnet Countdown and Mutizen of Inki Gayo chart [link]
  • SS501 sub unit won Bonsang & Hallyusang in YTN Seoul Music Awards Feb 12,2009 [link]
  • HJL wins Male Actor TV popularity Award in 45th Baeksang Art Awards [link]
  • SS501 sub unit gets 32nd Cyworld Digital Music Awards for BoF Ost [link]
  • SS501 is Korea Airports Corp Ambassador [link]+[link]
  • HJL is Best Actor in Seoul Drama Awards 2009 [link]
  • SS501 received HJL award in SDA [link]
  • SS501 is no.1 Foreign idol in China [link]
  • SS501 REBIRTH album is no.1 in Mnet Chart [link]
  • SS501 is last performer in MuCore [link]
  • SS501 wins Mutizen in Inki Gayo [link]
  • SS501 wins KBS MuBank chart [link]
  • SS501 to celebrate new year with H4? [link]
  • HJL is Audience’s Most Popular icon in Style Icon Awards [link]
  • SS501 is no.1 in Taiwan’s International Chart [link]
  • SS501 is no.1 for 4 consecutive weeks n Mnet Chart [link]
  • SS501 wins MAMA Ost. Award [link]
  • SS501 is no.1 for Mnet Digital Ranking [link]
  • SS501 is the most suitable group for mobile phone Ads [link]
  • HJL wins Hottest Male Kpop Star in KPOPCON [link]
  • SS501 wins Ost Award for 2009 Bugs Music Awards [link]
  • SS501 wins 2009 Yahoo Buzz Awards [link]+[link]+[link]
  • HJL is 2009 Top CF Model [link]
  • HJL is Most Searched Person of 2009 [link]
  • HJL is The Most promising Star in 2010 [link]


  • HJL with korean F4 for Anycall Haptic Pop CF [link]
  • SS501 back all 5 member for Le Coq Sportif [link]+[link]+[link]
  • HJL and Park ShinHye for Coca Cola ‘Dynamic Kin’ [link]+[link]+[link]+[link]
  • HJL did Anycall Haptic Mission [link]
  • HJL is a character doll for TONYMOLY Cosmetic [link]
  • HJL does Hotsun Chicken CF [link]
  • HJL for new Anycall Ad with Lee Minho [link]
  • HJL for New Anycall CF with Lee Minho and UEE [link]
  • HJL for MVIO CF [link]
  • HJL new TONYMOLY CF [link]
  • HJL new exclusive male model for Basic House w/ Yoon EunHye [link]

That’s all! Thx for being such a great visitor to this blog ^^

Hope u have a blast New Year’s Eve, HAPPY NEW YEAR and See You in 2010!!

  1. Kimdzun says:

    thanks very much. I hope KimHyunJoong will be successful in his life

  2. joy says:

    Thanks for every thing you do for him I hope you will give good life in the new year 2010
    Happy new year to you

  3. abir says:

    happy new year to ss501

  4. merpati says:

    Thanks for every thing you do for them (SS501) I hope you will be successful in your life in future.

    Happy New Year ….Imuyachan

  5. khj forever says:

    happy new year ss501 and you too Imuyachan!!!
    Please continue to update the site…:-)

  6. sakura says:

    happy new year my dear ^_^

  7. sakura says:

    ss501 fighting
    hope that the new album will be gr8…….
    ihope that they will have a gr8 new year ^_^
    i love them ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. soin says:

    wowww new look in your blog ^^
    happy new year and all the best to you !!!
    all the best to our SS501 guys as well ~ yeayyy…

  9. Kimz says:

    is it too late to come and say happy new year’ ??.. hehe.. <:)
    Happy New Year to Imuyachan and all Triple S*** ^^

    many many thanks for your effort and sharing Imuyachan!!!
    i hardly visit other websites (cz i'm lazy? =p)
    so i only update with my friends and yes.. here your blog^^

    let's support SS501 together for years ahead!! ^o^

    • Imuyachan says:

      it’s never to late to send such a warm greetings dear ^^ Happy new Year to u too n yes, let’s support SS501 ^^ and let’s make SS501 stronger than ever ^^

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