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A nice k-blogger named Seo HyeRin share us her ‘REBIRTH’ Special Edition Mini Album!

Take a look to see what’s inside ^^ (more…)


Ok, the album is out already and being so nice Triple S Korea shares us the boys’ hotness 😀

Enjoy !


rebirth jacket5OK

rebirth jacket4OK

rebirth jacket3OK

More under the cut! (more…)



+SS501 rebirth

SS501 Rebirth Album is out n their comeback in music show will start on Oct 23rd,2009!

Don’t u all feel excited as much as I do here 😀

I crazily romanize the 5 *yes ALL 5* lyrics in short time ^^ Why?

Because I want all of u to sing along w/ the boys when they perform in their comeback stage ^^

Since their single title is their 2nd track of the album ‘Love Like This‘ so make sure u remember the lyrics of that one 😀

I hope they boys will also performed Green Peas aka last track of the album which they dedicate for us Green Peas aka Triple S aka Their Fans 😀

So, let’s sing along 😀 (more…)




SS501 is reborn on their new mini-album Rebirth! Since SS501’s last two albums were solo and Triple S efforts, this is actually SS501’s first group K-pop album in over one and a half years, and its delayed release due to Kim Hyun Joong’s health problems has only built up anticipation even more. (more…)