[TV] SS501 in SBS Chocolate 11.07.2009 {ENG}

Posted: November 9, 2009 in tv show
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Aired on Nov 7,2009!

Now the ENG sub videos are out ^^


Part 1

This is so *lol* now, I know why they did the so called gestures *ROFL*

Part 2

Poor leader.. I dunno that people kinda outcasted him back then >.<

Part 3

They performed Green Peas n To My Girlfriend (originally “To my Boyfriend” by Fin K.L)

heads up n superb huge thankies to SuperStarSubbing squad ❤

The Uploader says sorry for the glitch during the sub-ed videos!

Here’s a joint video of 3 performances in SBS Chocolate!

heads up to shirbogurl

  1. soin says:

    thank u !!!!
    i was about to search for this subbed clip
    poor leader…i would not run away if u come near haha…
    and magnae was so funny…yet so cute, when he tried to explain the story ^__^

  2. Vleese says:

    thanx so much imuya chan.. *muach.. Muach..*
    love your updates..

  3. johind says:

    hello, i don’t know why i can’t watch this videos……pllzzzzzzzz help
    moroccan girl

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